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Sexy maternity and nursing lingerie label HOTmilk are inviting fathers from around the world to join their search for the  HOTmilkMAN, a competition that will run alongside the release of their new milkMAN branded men’s boxer shorts.From February to May 2009, the ‘Search for the milkMAN’ competition will invite dads or soon-to-be dads to submit an image of themselves in a pair of boxer shorts to the HOTmilk website (www.hotmilklingerie.com), where they will be subject to public vote. The lucky winner will receive US$5000 to spend on luxury travel for his burgeoning family and star in the 2009 HOTmilk catalogue to promote milkMAN boxers to... read full article


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

Took my 6 year old to her cricket game last week, and when it was finished she said "Dad can I give Emily (another team member) your phone number 'cause she thinks your cute""??!. There is still hope??????????????????????a


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

My six year old son is sports mad. On the weekend, he helped me carve a cricket bat out of a piece of 4x2. He thought it was fantastic and hasn't put it down since - the hallway is taking a bit of a battering!


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

My baby girl 6 months old regularly barfs all over me, never thought i'd be so proud as to wear the mark of Fatherhood!


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

Just bought the kids a cool go cart...spent the entire weekend pushing them around the backyard in it. Oh my aching back.


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

My husband loves when our son, decides after a long hard day to come and sit next to him on the couch and have his bottle of milk... just to relax of course, followed by a mini wrestling match...


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

No children for us as of yet so can't tell any stories on behalf of my partner :)


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

Not a fair competition, I'm not a father (that I know of, hahahahaha, lame joke).


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

Yeah that's not fair. Not our fault we don't have kuds. Do furkids count? I dragged The Husband to the SPCAs Adoptathon on Valentine's Day. I thought the older furkids would like a new member in their collective. A nice (and cunning) lady at the SPCA spots us wandering round and says, "Have a look at this one." The little bundle of fur was fast asleep and I was worried he was sick or something and wasn't too sure. So I pass him to The Husband who immediately says, "Yes, we'll take him." Well 4 weeks later the wee sleepy furball has grown from 800 gm to 1.6 kg of pure energy and is happy with the other 2 in the Cat Collective. He didn't have a doubt about the adoption. In case you're wondering what the Cat Collective is, it's like the Borg Collective, once assimilated, you can never leave. :)


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

Father of 3 boys - it is the simple things that make a dad happy - the best part of my day is when I open the door to enter the house at night to hear my boys running down the hall to see me, it puts a huge smile on my face and wipes away all of the stresses of the day


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

For my husband it will be when my kids wake up especially our little boy and first thing he does is look for daddy and ask him if he's staying home today!


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