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Sexy maternity and nursing lingerie label HOTmilk are inviting fathers from around the world to join their search for the  HOTmilkMAN, a competition that will run alongside the release of their new milkMAN branded men’s boxer shorts.From February to May 2009, the ‘Search for the milkMAN’ competition will invite dads or soon-to-be dads to submit an image of themselves in a pair of boxer shorts to the HOTmilk website (www.hotmilklingerie.com), where they will be subject to public vote. The lucky winner will receive US$5000 to spend on luxury travel for his burgeoning family and star in the 2009 HOTmilk catalogue to promote milkMAN boxers to... read full article


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

The day I took my Daughter to work,about 5 Km's from home, and arriving at her work she suddenly discovers she has her slippers on. Thus return home again to pick up shoes.


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

Took my daughter to work and ended up having to calf a cow. Next day all the details were in a long story and the teacher was very inpressed with the details


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

My daughter is 5 months old, about 3 weeks ago she giggled at me, it melted my heart.


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

Our 14month always runs up to see her dad when he gets home from work she's even started saying "hi daddy". I think its because he gets up in the morning for her during the week and they have quality time together.


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

not one yet, but looking forward to making my kids awesome just like me


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

This post has been 43 years in the making, let me explain. After meeting the girl of my dreams six years ago and accepting her three children as part of the future of our lives, we wanted to have one of our own, mainly as I had always been a "Good Boy" I had no biological children and with the clock ticking it was now or probably never. So after trying for five years and no luck until we were blessed with a beautiful little boy that is now 16 days old. It is ten million times betterer (sic) than I thought it would ever be and I am in love all over again. Every time I look at him, I wonder why I ever got so stressed about business, things in life, things I can't change, he seems to make me so much calmer as well. PS. - Thank you God for such a wonderful gift. X


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

PS - He got his very own draw cause he is a big boy now.........LOL


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

My little girl (3) said to me on the way to work "Daddy i am going to marry a boy one day, I dont know what his name is but i hope he is like you" I was so STOKED she love me!


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

our little girls first word was dad, he was and is still so proud.


milkMAN Boxer Shorts

I am sure my future children will give me great stories to tell but until the time I am ready I will keep it in my underwear, preferrably in milkMAN undies.

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