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Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 The latest release in Microsoft’s Wireless Desktop series is the Comfort Desktop 5000 and it’s quite a dramatic change from its predecessor the Wireless Desktop 4000. I’ve been using the 4000 keyboard in my full-time job as a graphic designer (yes, on a Mac) for about 2 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed the extra functionality it has. The Comfort 5000 keyboard has much of the same functionality with a row of shiny buttons along the top which take care of multimedia functions and programmable favourites. But the 5000 makes the 4000 look like a chunky behemoth – it’s low profile and lack... read full article


Microsoft Wireless Gadgets

The bluetooth wireless set looks awesome. The lifecam though.....maybe it's just my sick mind, but i seem to be only capable of thinking of dodgy applications for this type of device hahahaaa


Microsoft Wireless Gadgets

Wireless keyboard and mouse are ftw! It's SOOOOO much easier than a corded setup. Gives you the freedom to move around :-)


Microsoft Wireless Gadgets

The bluetooth keyboard and mouse with a big screen is awesome with the laptop.


Microsoft Wireless Gadgets

wireless is excellent except when the mouse batteries run out.

yeah I must agree, I use a wireless mouse and when the battery power runs out I always have to hassle looking forward a spare battery


Microsoft Wireless Gadgets

I have wireless for both my PC and Laptop, there Logitech though. Bluetooth is awsome, so may have to look at upgrading to Microsoft.


Microsoft Wireless Gadgets

I bought a Microsoft wireless desktop from JB HiFi for the great price of $48 with a $15 cashback so it only ended up costing me $33. One of the best value purchases I have ever made.


Microsoft Wireless Gadgets

I have a dell wireless key board and mouse and tho a bit Microsoft designs works brill huh had the problem with the batteries the first time i got then but quickly learnt to invest in rechargables and have a extra pair waiting in the charger ready to go when the mouse runs flat! props to teh keyborad tho iv only ever had to replace the battires in it 4 times since i bought it 3 years ago


Microsoft Wireless Gadgets

Microsoft were trying to make me join a long term broadband plan by offering me free amicrosoft mouse and keyboard. First I thought what a good deal and then I thought hey instead of wasting all this money getting these keyboards and mouses to try bribe us to stay with you why don't you make your internet reliable and especially be able to have a download speed quicker than 20kbs per second. Hopefully as NZ gets better broadband cables over the next couple of years my internet will actually be at a decent speed.


Microsoft Wireless Gadgets

I really like the look of the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 - I think it's the fact that there is a seperate number pad from the rest of the unit. Also, have to admit that life is so much easier these days using a wireless mouse - all the benefits without the hassle to my way of thinking. Am thinking it might be time to upgrade my webcam though, cos that LifeCam one makes mine sound useless =(


Microsoft Wireless Gadgets

"Both the keyboard and mouse each take" a heavy pounding of frustration from twitching upon running out of battery in the middle of a something important "and communicate to a" dongle which I have misplaced within 2 hours of purchase. Ideally wireless interface devices are wonderful and user-friendly for both tech savvies and everyday household. For us nerds, we like the wires, we won't be the same without them, girls love it. All in all, great job Microsoft, just wait till I make a keyboard so thin I won't have to type on it.

Just on the note of the camera. Isn't it great that my relatives in Australia can now see the infected hair follicle on my face? Still, good to see technology is moving forward. Now we just need telecom to move forward too :)

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