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Conventional wisdom will have you believe that to attract women that you like you should take her to a nice restaurant and get to know her better. When you take a woman to Dinner the only thing that is going to happen is she is going to get a free meal; whether or not she holds it down is an entirely different matter.In theory restraints sound like a great place to take a date, you're usually face to face, chance to talk and of course the one that has sealed the deal for dinner dates; "everybody has to eat."Now let us look at each one of these individually to get a good idea on how useless taking your date to dinner really is.Face to Face Interaction-No... read full article


Men Never Take Your Date to a Restaurant

I have also wanted to try restraints on the first date.... for some reason though I get the feeling this may be misinterpreted as something more sinister?

its a typo

Nah i reckon it's just driving the point home, you're limited once you're sitting down. If she's in restraints though... well hahah

either way it's funny - pretty sure it was intentional though


Men Never Take Your Date to a Restaurant

grammar's a bit 'shabby' mate

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