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MCDONALD’S CELEBRATES KIWIANA One of Macca’s most requested burgers the Kiwiburger is back on the menu 20 years since its invention. The Kiwiburger is joined in the Kiwiana-inspired menu by the new Kiwi Pav, Frozen L&P and the Kiwi Brekkie McMuffin. The irresistible Kiwiburger includes beef, beetroot, golden egg, tomato and crispy lettuce (RRP $6.50), the hearty Kiwi Brekkie McMuffin includes delicious tomato relish, potato rosti, crispy bacon, golden egg and a sausage patty (RRP $5.50) and the frozen L&P is just awesome (RRP$3.00).  To celebrate Get Frank has 30 McDonald’s vouchers to giveaway to 6 lucky winners (5... read full article


...and dont forget SWALLOW


mmmm...burgers.....ancient civilations should have built them.


Mount Burger- impressive.....healthy ???...really...then why no sprout burger ????


Would love to try this !


I can't think of anything worse to put in a burger than egg and beetroot.

That's because it's a KIWI burger, not a pommy burger. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. Eeeeeat it!! Eeeeeeeeat it!!


OMG, OMG, OMG. I love this burger. I'm pregnant right now and just looking at the picture, my cravings have just shot through the roof. Gotta make hubby run over the road to McD's to get me one. Then I might send him back at midnight as well. Yummy.....


Look at the bums on that burger


YUM im craving a kiwi burger now! definatley McDonalds finest burger.... real burgers have beetroot in them!! I hardly ever have Mc Dees either so would be a real treat


Is it just me or has the image at the top of this article taken on a strange, unhealthy green glow?

Seriously, does it look like this to everyone else?

Haha. No. Not at all. That is really odd. It's thermonuclear.

Hmm, it seems to be fixed now. I'm still dubious of burgers that contain beetroot. However, I'm prepared to have this opinion challenged. Fire a voucher at me!!!


The burger looks perfect- I'd challenge McDonalds to present it to the customer looking anything like it- not that it would change the flavour but the aesthetic appeal can be diminished somewhat when the lettuce is limp, the beetroot is bleeding and the tower of power looks more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa wrapped in soggy paper- but I want one even more now as its 5.35pm and I can smell a quiche in the oven......

After looking at this image every day for about a week I gave in and picked one up from McDs. And your reservations about the visual appeal of the actual product were clearly illustrated in the item I received. Slopped to one side of the package, uneven distribution of pretty much every ingredient between the buns. Really something you want to eat with your eyes closed. I admit it was tasty, and still the closest thing to the burgers we got from the chip shop when I was a kid, but about as visually appealing as the bucket of kitchen scrapes waiting to go to the compost heap.

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