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Looking good in your clothes while losing weight is one of life’s greatest fashion dilemmas. For this reason we have put together some handy & effective stylish tips for you! The best approach is to purchase a few selected items that will flatter your figure until your mini-keg reveals the 6-pack within.  Of course, this all depends on where you have started and where you wish the scale to end. Stay away from ill-fitted clothing One of the Top 10 ways to dress 5 kgs thinner is to ‘stay away from ill-fitted clothing’.  At times as we go through a weightloss process, we may still find hard to disown the old-dressing... read full article


Maximise your wardrobe

Great tips thanks!


Maximise your wardrobe

Great advice. I've sometimes found good quality second hand items can get me through a 'transitional' period. These seem to be at the end of summer when I haven't been playing as much sport as usual and my office clothes get a bit tight.


Maximise your wardrobe

I usually upsize,make me feel slimmer.


Maximise your wardrobe

T-shirt,Jeans,Sport Jacket and a pair of good shoes that me.


Maximise your wardrobe

Great advice, very timely for me


Maximise your wardrobe

a pair of jeans, a pair of sneakers, a pair of nice black leather shoes and a selection of shirts and that's all a man should ever need.


Maximise your wardrobe

"In terms of tops, you might believe baggy (all covered up) is better - but think again."

I like my baggie shirts! By leaving some of the length hanging out over my belt, it looks like the shirt is responsible for the girth rather than my actual size.

I hate the fact that men get a pot belly. It looks aweful when the belt has to tie up underneath it. Women tend to bulk up further down than men and just look better.


Maximise your wardrobe

That man needs a lesson on how to put on a tie ..first on his back , then in his shoes , disgracful!

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