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The new gift pack from ABSOLUT, the leading international premium vodka, is the perfect present for the upcoming holiday season or for anyone who wants to let their glamorous side shine through, by turning an ordinary night into a masquerade. The new one-litre gift pack adds instant glamour to any occasion and is built of exactly 3,238 shiny red sequins formed in the classic ABSOLUT bottle shape, serving as an ultra-stylish bottle pack.  When opening the new gift pack, the zipper slides apart, revealing the classic ABSOLUT VODKA bottle. The new ABSOLUT gift pack is available in leading New Zealand liquor outlets, key premium bars and DFS Galleria... read full article


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

First I have to buy some crystal glass and hire stretch limo.


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

my friends 21st coming up


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

me me me ... Last drink I had was Jan 2007 (Wedding Night) ... Just finished breast feeding ... Need I say more ... I am desperate for a night OTP!


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

I would share this with close friends to celebrate the half way point in my 3 year degree, as sharing is caring :)


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

Normally drink Whisky, but mmmm Free Absolut World soundz all good!!


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

Our friend was just laid off from work out of the blue due to CREDIT CRUNCH! Vodka won't solve her problems, but it won't hurt none either.


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

We need some vodka, cos we're in dispair! The house is a mess, the cat's lost an ear, The hoover blew up and the mop is in bits, And we're sick of the neighbours, cos they are the pits! The car's packed a sad, and it sounds really bad, God give me some vodka, my life's pretty sad! The dog's run away and we don't blame it none, Even the goldfish has lost all it's fun! There's a truckload of things that we need about now, But ABSOLUT vodka is a must, we won't growl!


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

I'd give this to my Dad dfor his leaving party...hes split from my Mum and is heading to Oz, Id say he'd have a great night with this!


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

My good intention is to share it with my family :-) Saying "I intend to drink it all myself" just didn't sound as nice ;-)


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

My intenetion is to get 3 friends over and share my intention around over an Absolute blast of a night! I never get out as i have 2 young kids, but i am getting my first weekend this year off soon and what better way to enjoy my free weekend than to share a bottle of Absolute around with close friends, and make it an Absolute!

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