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The new gift pack from ABSOLUT, the leading international premium vodka, is the perfect present for the upcoming holiday season or for anyone who wants to let their glamorous side shine through, by turning an ordinary night into a masquerade. The new one-litre gift pack adds instant glamour to any occasion and is built of exactly 3,238 shiny red sequins formed in the classic ABSOLUT bottle shape, serving as an ultra-stylish bottle pack.  When opening the new gift pack, the zipper slides apart, revealing the classic ABSOLUT VODKA bottle. The new ABSOLUT gift pack is available in leading New Zealand liquor outlets, key premium bars and DFS Galleria... read full article


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

My wife loves Absolut, but is not drinking at the moment due to being pregnant. This would be a great addition to a well done gift once the baby is born and she can enjoy a drink or three.


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

a good friend of mine and i have been trying out decent alcohol over the past few months, as we were sick of smirnof and carters beer. absolut is the top of my list so far. this would be an ideal way to celebrate the end of exams, and our time together, as he's moving to otago.


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

A party I would throw the drinks oh yes, would flow My reputation would be without repute If I served up Absolut in sequined gown the bottle be A special gift from you to me.


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

I would love to give this a try, as I am a tight Scot who doesnt spring for decent alcohol unless its duty free. I would have a "WOW - its not gonna give me the shits tomorrow" party!


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

That is stunning, the bottle "dressed up" like that is the sexiest thing I have seen all day! Love the new look, would make an excellent start to our celebration for all our hard work in 2008!


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

My baby sister's house was robbed a couple of weeks ago and all her kids Christmas presents were stolen - she is currently living with us while their insurance is being sorted out and so her and her girls are safe - let's face - she needs a good drink!!!


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

I got my 1st bottle of this from my girl last week for my 26th birthday!she left to go on holiday just before so i didn't get too share it with her..let me return the favour... Every new bottle of absolut that comes out i have to try...and this one didn't let me down.....love at first sight absolutly amazing.. I LOVE ABSOLUT VODKA


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

YUM.. this would come in handy as the New Year creeps in and I would love to share this drop around, so everyone can taste and enjoy :)


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

i like what greg tuohy said, he shld win a bottle ..lol. everyday is a celebration, and theres even more reason to celebrate with a free bottle of absolute to share among ya friends, get them all a little happier.


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

Celebrate the fact that smirnoff tastes like crap.

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