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The new gift pack from ABSOLUT, the leading international premium vodka, is the perfect present for the upcoming holiday season or for anyone who wants to let their glamorous side shine through, by turning an ordinary night into a masquerade. The new one-litre gift pack adds instant glamour to any occasion and is built of exactly 3,238 shiny red sequins formed in the classic ABSOLUT bottle shape, serving as an ultra-stylish bottle pack.  When opening the new gift pack, the zipper slides apart, revealing the classic ABSOLUT VODKA bottle. The new ABSOLUT gift pack is available in leading New Zealand liquor outlets, key premium bars and DFS Galleria... read full article


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

My wife and I are about to welcome our first child into the world sometime in the next two weeks (if all goes to plan)... That sequined cover could double as her first sleeping-bag, adding instant glamour to our new baby girl.


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

I would have my old man , my dad .I will be seeing him after 4 long years In India .


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

I would use it to start off my 44th birthday aprty


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

New Years Eve masquerade ball in Surfers Paradise! It will be absolut-ly epic!


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

This will be an awesome xmas gift for my papa!


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

Looks like the perfect leg-opener! Will match the pole-dancing lingerie that i got her last year!!


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

My Partner is a wonderful Russian born lady, and we have a great circle of Russian freinds now in Auckland. Normally thry bring the Vodka. This would really amaze them all and help me become part of the :group: so to speak!


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

For my partner who lost her sister a month ago..To remember that there are beautiful things still in the world starting with a few voddies...


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

My nana would love it!!! And she rocks, she needs a stiff drink to numb her arthritic hands.....she has done them in after knitting 500 PAIRS OF BOOTIES (for real) for the Hastings hospital maternity unit. Not bad for 88......her and her mahjong buddies would have a great old knees up with that sexy bottle!


Masquerade gift pack from ABSOLUT

its my girlfriends birthday next week and she is having a masquerade themed party, this would be a perfect gift!


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