Discussing :: Masport BBQs and Mowers – What More Could Dad Ask For!

It’s no secret that Dad’s love nothing more than bangers, barbecues and breaking out their mowers, so make his day this Father’s Day – with Masport! We’ve all got the picture in our minds – hot summer’s day, Dad’s in his shorts and jandals, cold drink in one hand, BBQ tongs in the other – the pure essence of a Kiwi summer and Dad’s ultimate happy place.Take Dad to his happy place with the new Masport Window Rear Burner Supreme Plus RBW 210 – the hottest boy’s toy in town. With an awesome glass window hood so Dad can check on his culinary delights as often as he likes, the Masport... read full article


I wouldn't have to ask my dad to cook me anything. If it's fathers day I would cook it for him. He would like a couple of lamb chops with a rib eye steak. I would also go for a rib eye steak and a couple of sausages


Probably be dragged out unwillingly in 3m swells to get the cray pots in and hopefully snag one of the crafty fellows. then wack him in half down the middle, brush on some chilli and lime butter and chuck her on the barby for 5 mins.


Juicy Succulent Prime New Zealand Lamb steaks with sweet corn on cob cheers


Steak, bacon, sausages, eggs and onions. "The man's meal", as my father in-law calls it.


I would cook eye fillet steak, satay chicken kebabs and kumara/corn fritters for family dinner when dad gets home from work


my man makes the MEANEST marinade for steak... so that and onions and eggs n salad mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Beer Can chicken! my dad tries to use Rheineck (yes he's stuck in the 1980's) but I always give him some decent beer like Heineken or Steinies. Love my beer, BBQ and Chicken


STEAK! A huge ass Steak! In honor of such a manly day I'd go to the bucher amd get the biggest steak I can find. I'll go to several butchers if nessessary. Now I'm hungry.


Will have to keep it for myself as my dad passed away some time ago. Marinated pork ribs with tons of caramelised onions then bananas with caramel sauce all done the the barbie.


To be sure, to be sure my Dad will want Sausages and Spuds on his Bbq..being Irish

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