Discussing :: Masport BBQs and Mowers – What More Could Dad Ask For!

It’s no secret that Dad’s love nothing more than bangers, barbecues and breaking out their mowers, so make his day this Father’s Day – with Masport! We’ve all got the picture in our minds – hot summer’s day, Dad’s in his shorts and jandals, cold drink in one hand, BBQ tongs in the other – the pure essence of a Kiwi summer and Dad’s ultimate happy place.Take Dad to his happy place with the new Masport Window Rear Burner Supreme Plus RBW 210 – the hottest boy’s toy in town. With an awesome glass window hood so Dad can check on his culinary delights as often as he likes, the Masport... read full article


My Dad makes an awesome butterfly lamb on the BBQ, so that would be great with the BBQ'd kumara fries - he makes the best (all while multi-tasking by drinking a beer at the same time)


I would cook the old man some garlic and ginger marinated scallops, some chilli maraninated mussels and some tenderised paua patties on this bad boy should I win it. I'm salivating just thinking about it


I also forgot, nothing like using the side burner to cook freshly dug potatoes from the vege garden to accompany the scallops, mussels and flounder as an entree followed by a rotisserie roasted wild pork and a nice salad to set off the banquet>THATS A FEAST (-:


I would hold onto this prize for one meal - which would be the one at which after Dad has tasted the awesome meal I cook up on it for him I get to say it is his Father's Day present and hand it over. Meal would be Brunch as we guys don't like to get going too early when we're being spoilt. I'd do a fry up of eggs, tomato, bacon, mushrooms - grill up some chicken kidneys (as they're his favourite) with a good helping of peri-peri sauce and beer - grill up some beef sausages - grill some cheese sandwiches and give him the feed of the year. Once he's eaten this awesome meal and is well filled I'll hand it over to him as his gift and we'll drink a good few of NZ's finest to celebrate.


Just a great steak, onions and shrimps! What an awesome prize. Would make the cooking easier!


Garlic Prawns on the barbie are Dad's fav...


Garlic Prawns on the barbie are Dad's fav...


Some venison steaks hmmm


I would give it to my dad and let him make his worcestershire sauce marinated steak, with which he makes a beautiful Jack Daniels and pepper creamy sauce. Our old BBQ has just broken so help please Frank!!


Normally I would say Paua on the BBQ is the best thing to cook but as this is a charcoal bbq (which really is the best way to bbq) I would have to say marinated chicken - finger lickin good.

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