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My obsession with back packs continues…this ones from Marni in a luxury navy lamb skin. This ones got a main space with separate zipped inner pocket spaces and a silver eyelet drawstring. Retailing at £818.00 (approx $1332 USD) so its defiantly a luxury piece, but one can dream cant they...     read full article


Marni ‘Lamb Skin’ Backpack

this would have to be THE ultimate manbag - I LOVE it!! So want to have a feel of that lambskin!!


I love this - it's super stylish, but still has a masculine look and feel about it. In fact, if my guy had one, I might just have to steal it!


I've never heard of Lamb leather before but now I want everything covered in it.


Glorified duffel bag... any other material and it's worthless, make it out of lambskin and a touch of silver and it's a whole new level of exorbitance!


oh whoa... wicked.. imagine this baby strapped to your back.. so would love one.. price??... hhmmmmm.. now there's a sticky point ;-)


Hahahahaha my daughter just leaned over my shoulder and asked if I would get her this bag for her next school bag. Couldnt help but laugh! It is a nice bag, the leather is probably so soft too. But I wont be saving up for it for a school bag!


Anyone prepared to stump up £818.00 for a backpack should be considering the latest Samsonite or Louis Vuitton valise. Backpacks are for carting around your jandals and unwashed undies between Ko Samui and the dives of the Khao san Road.


Wow never seen a back pack like this very stylish!


$1300 US$???? You are shittin me, right? My car is worth less than that!


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