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Here's a revolutionary thought for all you budding capitalists (of the venture variety of course), make your first suit a navy blue suit. We know, we know, it sounds crazy, New Zealand men wear black suits first and ask questions later, but spare a second to hear us out. In any other country of the world, when a young man starts his first job, he'll buy himself a crisp navy blue suit - navy and grey suits are for the office, black suits are reserved for weddings and funerals. In New Zealand however, due to a historical connection with the colour of our rugby players' uniforms, a fashion industry obsessed with black and a fairly... read full article


Make Your First Suit a Blue Suit

This is why Get Frank rules, where else are you going to hear advice on suit colour along side pictures of uber-wedgee'd children? Thanks Working Style, nice piece... a'hem.... article.


Make Your First Suit a Blue Suit

Agreed, too many black suits around town during the day. Men need to inject some color into the day.


Make Your First Suit a Blue Suit

Nothing wrong with supporting the nations colour!

Unfortunately when every other man is sporting it - you just end up as one of the sheep off to the slaughter house each day.

Zig when everyone else is Zagging, and throw in the brown shoes and you'll be cutting shapes hahah



Make Your First Suit a Blue Suit

Nice tip, cheers WS!


Make Your First Suit a Blue Suit

The question is what are you comfortable in? Does a black suit give you the confidence you need or would a blue suit do the trick?


Make Your First Suit a Blue Suit

I kind of like black suits and think most complexions suit it. Just my personal opinion, but I don't think anything beats a tailored slim black suit with white shirt and skinny black tie.


Make Your First Suit a Blue Suit

cheers for the advice. it accually works! i sold 3 more cars in a navy suit!

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