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When it comes to our health and safety, most of us try to find a good health plan that will cover us in case of any type of medical emergency. But, a lot of us overlook the most important type of health plan: taking care of ourselves. If we look after ourselves and live a healthy, active lifestyle, we will be less likely to develop certain health conditions, which can cost a lot of money in treatments, including heart disease and diabetes. And another bonus of living healthy is that in many cases, the healthier you are, the less expensive your health plan may be, because the providers will not be taking as much of a risk of paying for medical care in... read full article


Make Healthy Eating a Part of Your Health Plan

Its pretty simple advice! Moderation and move that body!


I'd be such a healthy person if it wasn't for drinking alcohol! If they could make healthy whiskey I would be sorted!


Good sound advice,must change what you eat to see results !!!!


All in moderation!!! exercise regularly, eat well daily and enjoy treats occasionally! AND always look after the mental health! usually if your eating well and exercising regularly then the old mental health is "A OK"!


I got a shock recently when I got my blood test results..high cholesterol. I thought I ate quite healthily and I do excerise regularly. Whoops, too many butter chicken pies I think. I need to look more closely at my diet, so this article was very timely. Thanks. Maybe some good healthy recipes would be good too?


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