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Parrot, the experts known for Bluetooth headsets have hit the market with something completely leftfield and on such a level that you couldn’t imagine anyone trying to challenge them for a share of the niche market.  Check out this YouTube to appreciate it >> The drone can be piloted by an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and you can tweak anything from the rate of ascend to how much it tilts on turns and the sensitivity of the iPhone controls. After having my first test run within the Yoobee store in New Market for the iPad2 launch the thought of being able to take this bad boy outside had me salivating and it didn’t fail to deliver. The two... read full article


Madness in the RC Skies

This looks awesome!!! My husband would steal my iphone just to have one of these!!


If you had a wi-fi booster you could have sent your drone into the royal wedding. maybe hover above the pope or attempt to land on prince will's head. His bald spot would make for an incredible helicopter pad. mind you, beatrice's hat would probably interfere with the wi-fi signal.

I'll have some of whatever you're smoking!


I wonder what sort of battery life this has, I like the panic function

Bout 10 minutes.


These are awesome! Can they pick up a beer bottle... they would make a great waiter and you wouldnt have to leave the couch! How do we win one...!?




If they are anything like the rc helicopters I've bought they'll be an expensive half an hour of enjoyment!

whenever i kill an RC helicopter it's usually because the rod that the rotor is attached to gets bent. don't have to worry about that with these (:


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