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To celebrate the launch ofMade From New Zealand, the global online community for New Zealand businesses, hundreds of Kiwis gathered on Santa Monica beach California to leave their mark on the world. To celebrate here at Frank we've got five of the tee's that helped build this fern to give awayTo nail down a shirt for yourself let's hear your proudest kiwi moment below This competition is now closed. Our current competitions are to your right.   read full article


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Enjoying L&P, fish & chips & watties tomato sauce anywhere. You make me sooo proud!


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Moving back after living in Australia.


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Have moved back from the states after living there for 8 years!!


Made From New Zealand Shirts

moving here from austraila and a year or more later having my beautifull daughter.


Made From New Zealand Shirts

anytime kiwis beat the aussies in rugby. seeing the NZ flag going up for gold at the olympics.


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Proudest kiwi moment was when I was on a working holiday for a month in a bar in melbourne talking to a kiwi chick who worked there also about a german called ben. The this Aussie chick pipes up "What? his names bin?" no we said ben, "yeah bin?" no we said BEN "Bin?" she said again. Us kiwis looked at each other then replied BAN and then she got it but laughed and said yes couldn't understand our stupid kiwi accents, so the Kiwi chick threw a nearby beer over the bar covering the dumb aussie!


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Pamplona Spain, the day after opening day @ the running of the bulls. About to order a beer with a couple of aussie mates to shake off our hangover when a bloke with an all black jersey cuts in and buys two beers. He gets them walks off and chucks one of the beers in the bin as he's going out the door, so i chase after him and ask why he wasted one. His answer... "oh the first one always tastes like sh*t ay bro" Instant legend at our campground...


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