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To celebrate the launch ofMade From New Zealand, the global online community for New Zealand businesses, hundreds of Kiwis gathered on Santa Monica beach California to leave their mark on the world. To celebrate here at Frank we've got five of the tee's that helped build this fern to give awayTo nail down a shirt for yourself let's hear your proudest kiwi moment below This competition is now closed. Our current competitions are to your right.   read full article


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Many moments... any time the anthem and/or haka is performed in a public forum - when the hairs stick up on the back of my neck and I get covered in goose bumps; then I know I'm proud to be a Kiwi.


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Sitting in a paddock, surrounded by Ockas, listen to the Melbourne Cup, getting all the stick about a horse called KIWI at the back of the field. When he got a hurry on and ran round the field to win the Melbourne Cup. Ockas eat your heart out


Made From New Zealand Shirts

I am proudest when I read about guys like the Maori Battalion, Charles Upham VC, or Willy Apiata VC. Rommel himself admitted the Maoris were the greatest fighting force he'd ever seen.


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Just being kiwi, when you go over seas and people ask where your from and you say new zealand, and they get kind of exited. new zealanders have such an amazing reputation and are becoming even more known around the world. (even if they really dont know where new zealand actually is)


Made From New Zealand Shirts

While travelling overseas and people you meet say "Oh New Zealand thats a great place I would really like to visit there" - some of them have


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Hard one that. Learning te reo Maori


Made From New Zealand Shirts

in a pub saying 'do you have any kiwi in you' to a chick, and when she said know saying 'would you like some' and it worked. CHOICE


Made From New Zealand Shirts

seeing my 11 year old (who's actually 1/2 chinese and 1/2 pakeha) performing in her schools kapa haka group and loving it


Made From New Zealand Shirts

When I went to a theme park in China where they reproduced all the great wonders of the world (Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower, etc) there was a Maori Marae, sitting in the NZ corner (literally) with 'Aloha' on it. What a proud moment it was to make them realise it should be 'Kia Ora'.


Made From New Zealand Shirts

when the all blacks perform the haka before a game.

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