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To celebrate the launch ofMade From New Zealand, the global online community for New Zealand businesses, hundreds of Kiwis gathered on Santa Monica beach California to leave their mark on the world. To celebrate here at Frank we've got five of the tee's that helped build this fern to give awayTo nail down a shirt for yourself let's hear your proudest kiwi moment below This competition is now closed. Our current competitions are to your right.   read full article


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Getting accepted with permanent residency into New Zealand - does that count?


Made From New Zealand Shirts

A few years ago got the chance to direct the play "Once on Chunuk Bair", the story of Kiwis holding off the Turks despite huge odds on a hilltop in Gallipoli. The stunned silence as the final lights faded and the final notes of the "Last Post" ended. Some of the audience even left in tears. I know all countries have their heroic war stories, but that still brings a lump to my throat.


Made From New Zealand Shirts

On a boat in a harbour overseas with an American war boat anchored, sailing past sing "god defend NZ" as loud as we could!


Made From New Zealand Shirts

One of my most profound and emotional Kiwi moments was on Contiki. We were with Auzzies, other Kiwis. Canadians, South Africans and I think an American. We were on a ferry from Greece to Italy. And we we going past Gilipily at dawn. A few of us decided that our group (30 or so) would get up and remmber the fallen the only way we could...the Auzzies sang Wazling matilda and the Kiwis preformed the most amazing Haka (the all-back one off course otherwise we would have had 20 versions that morning) any of us have done in years. We blew away the whole ship. After our display of immense pride, none of the kiwis paid for drinks that day. Priceless.


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Witnessing the Black Caps beat Australia - the game we chased down over 300 runs. Subperb to silence the Aussies


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Being born a kiwi.


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Helping and Australian find a seat on her train.... She's in Rome a million miles from home, and couldn't even understand a train ticket. I was proud to save a silly Australian from certain fate at the hands of an Italian pervert


Made From New Zealand Shirts

When I was in the US @ a comedy fest. The main guy started saying how Auzzies and us are exactly the same! So I stod up to protest and was given a mike. I said we have the same rivalry as the yanks do towards canadians. They (Auz's and yanks) are arogant, lazy and continue to loose sports against the smaller side (us) and they're envious of our beautiful landscapes and intellegent yet down to earth females! I got a standing applause and hand to fend off canadian guys all night for 'sticking up for them and their country more than a canadian would!' I just said it's because I love NZ soo much and NO1 can EVER say we are like the auz's


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Sitting in the only irish pub in Crete watching the AB's Vs Aussie for the final of the trinations this year as the only kiwi amongst many aussies. Taking off 3 mins before the game ended and running 5km to get to my sisters wedding in time. i made both and we won, always satisfying


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Roaring "Uuup Tha Guuuts!" continually and as loud as possible during the Warriors' 2008 Semi-final match against the Roosters which helped our boys in black to an historic triumph. Also, convincing outgoing club stalwart Logan Swann to yell "Uuup Tha Guuuts!" and give the crowd a classic fist-pump while he was enjoying his victory lap at the same match.


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