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To celebrate the launch ofMade From New Zealand, the global online community for New Zealand businesses, hundreds of Kiwis gathered on Santa Monica beach California to leave their mark on the world. To celebrate here at Frank we've got five of the tee's that helped build this fern to give awayTo nail down a shirt for yourself let's hear your proudest kiwi moment below This competition is now closed. Our current competitions are to your right.   read full article


Made From New Zealand Shirts

When Scott Dixon won at Indy this year. Made me so proud that a NZ'er could win such a prestigious event, and still be humble about it, the essence of a true kiwi bloke


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Watching that video of the fern being created, and seeing what we can achieve on the opposite side of the world, it's pretty cool!


Made From New Zealand Shirts

When on my big OE many years ago (1987 - good lord was it really that long ago?!?), the All Blacks won the rugby world cup, up until that point people I met said "oh, a New Zealander?", after the world cup people I met would say "have you ever met the All Blacks???!" LOL - like there were only the All Blacks and me from New Zealand!


Made From New Zealand Shirts

New Zealand has been a world leader in many different issues. I think our unique yet staunch stance on different significant world issues despite our small size makes New Zealand an awesome and amazing country willing to not be pushed around by anyone. My proudest Kiwi moment would have to be during the 80's when we took up our nuclear free stance. What makes me more proud is that we have managed to maintain and stand by this status over the past few decades despite signficant pressure from other countries.


Made From New Zealand Shirts

when I watch Kiwi teams compete / achieve.. doesn't matter what sport or enterprise.. it's one of those moments when you get choked up and a tear in the eye. you can't describe one single "proud to be kiwi" moment.. it's every day being proud to say I am kiwi :)


Made From New Zealand Shirts

A New Zealand logo tee shirt overseas was a huge help to us!!!... Flying from New York to London hubbie and I did not have seats together.. I asked the guy beside me if he would mind moving and he said "NO" !!!.. Then he saw hubbie's New Zealand tee shirt and said "Oh - you guys are Kiwis - sure I will swap seats" !!!... Blew us away!!!...


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Representing NZ at the Global Young Leaders Conference in Washington D.C., it was such an honour!


Made From New Zealand Shirts

Sticking up the middle finger to the USA and keeping those nasty nuclear warships out of our waters!


Made From New Zealand Shirts

NZ taking the America's cup off the Yanks


Made From New Zealand Shirts

When I was seven I was at the Waitangi celebrations with my family. It must have been the overwhelming national pride I was feeling at the time which me compelled me to start loudly chanting the haka while on the Porta-Loo. This was much to the amusement of a young Maori boy walking passed who put his ear up to the door and listened to my rousing rendition. Not quite the same vein as the other 'proud moments', but I was obviously pretty proud to be a kiwi at that point and will be the rest of my life!

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