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If it didn't mean anything, why did you do it? You say forever. You mean it. After all, this is true love. Faithful is what you are. It's a delight not a duty. Even when the chemistry quits running the show, being together is great. This is your best friend, your biggest fan. Loyalty is a real treasure. You discover it in some of your worst moments. Like when the doctor tells you the news isn't good or when you lose your job. When the tough stuff is happening and your partner is there for you, you know how much faithful and forever matter. Sometimes you mess up, or you're foolish. Sometimes your choices really cost your partner something,... read full article


Loyalty and Lust

Wow... I mean WOW Hillary, your article just rocked.. It never occured to me that trying for an affair might be actually me not wanting to grow up... You ARE right there, Loyalty isnt easy... both in relationships with spouse and keeping an account with God. And I know God CARES that I am loyal to him too. Loyalty is hard. We need to grow up. Its high time. awesome article !


Loyalty and Lust

Loyalty DOES lighten your load... :) And if we have trouble, we can remember that a commitment to God as well as to my wife can help us be loyal.


Loyalty and Lust

Why bring religion into it?


Loyalty and Lust

Totally agree about growing up. You need to go in to a relationship with your eyes open and in the full knowledge that you will be tempted to stray from your partner. It's certainly not going to be all roses and RCA, that's for sure. If you go into it knowing this, however, your can recognise the position you're in and choose not to be weak. Cheating on someone when they have committed their life to yours is weak and I simply don't understand how someone can hurt someone like that knowing how much they will change them. Cheating on someone changes that person irrevocably for the worse. How can people face having such a negative impact on a person't life?!


Loyalty and Lust

A very topical artical, given that the Christmas party season us upon us.


Loyalty and Lust

Plese excuse my spelling. I meant article, not artical.


Loyalty and Lust

Loyalty really is one of the most important things in a relationship along with honesty and it will get you a looong way. Without it, what do you have? This counts for love, friendship, family, any kind of relationship.


Loyalty and Lust

This article caught my attention because yesterday i was with a woman who then told me she had a partner. We'd spent a week and a half working together and flirting before we hooked up and she hadn't mentioned a thing about him... Now i feel like a dishonorable prick, i feel really sorry for the other guy, and i feel screwed over myself... I just think it's worth mentioning that affairs can make everyone involved feel like a muppet


Loyalty and Lust

as time goes on and we become stuck in a "comfort zone" boredom sonmetimes starts to set in, relationships can become predictable, or even mundane - then the urge sets in. Solution - spice things up a little, change your routine, go out on a whim, show them how much you care without wanting anything in return, its not easy, but if its too easy is it really fulfilling???

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