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Long Island Iced Tea Drink - Classic Cocktail Drink Recipe. 2 cups ice cubes ½ Shot vodka ½ Shot gin ½ Shot white rum ½ Shot white tequila 1/4 Shot triple sec 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 1/2 cup Cola 2 lemon wedges Shake everything but cola and wedges in a cocktail shaker. Pour into glasses and top with Cola, and a lemon wedge.   Check out the full selection of Classic Cocktail Recipes here >> read full article


Long Island Iced Tea Drink

Great drink this one. me and a mate had a competition on enight to see who could drink the most. I won by drinking 9.....man I drunk but my mate only did 6 and fell alseep in some bushes. great night and drink!


Long Island Iced Tea Drink

Nearly got arrested in Hong Kong on these...awsesome!


Long Island Iced Tea Drink

hmm... i always believed it was made differently... more stronger, had a few on new years.


Yes, I always thought there was more alcohol in these. Maybe double or quadruple the shots in the mix to get that real Long Island Ice Tea effect. Cause they are a good drop when made well!!


Fave drink ever! Drunk a few too many right before my new boss turned up once, whoops! But they still hired me :)


Quick way to get drunk


Yeah, in a tall glass with just a dash of coke and a load of alcohol. Then get ready for a night of bad decisions!


Long Island Iced Tea, great drink anytime and anywhere... so refreshing... Cheers!


Wow great way to spend a weekend summer evening, sipping spiked Iced Tea. More tea vicor?


Simply the best cocktail!


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