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After a lot of inter office negotiation I was lucky enough to test out Logitech’s UE Mobile Boombox. I haven't been known to put together any flash mob dance extravaganzas, so I looked more to a functional method of use. After crossing off a number of relevant and some irrelevant ideas, I came up with three key tests: 1) An outdoor fitness test called the Yo Yo that requires outdoor audio. 2) Delivering Music in outdoor settings 3) The odd Prank. I will expand on these 3 categories with my thoughts as below:  The Yo Yo Test For those of you haven't heard of this before, the Yo Yo Test has replaced the good old beep test as a common... read full article


Logitech UE Mobile Boombox Review

Apart from the pranks, the Logitech Boombox would be great to take camping. Please count me in.


Would be ideal to take out on the boat. 10hrs of music is ideal for those day trips


would be fantastic for the holidays game fishing events


Great to play some cool music around the house.


this would be perfecting for my family reunion coming up


Would be good to have something like this to take outside in summer


Excellent gadget from Logitech. Impeccible testing methods, especially the third one. Love it! I think we need one of these for sure, would be great when we are having a bbq out on the back deck or even when we go camping soon. Love the rechargable battery - ten hours of music! Awesome.


Just asked my friends what would be the best thing to make great music from my new earlt Xmas tablet - this is eaxacly what I had in mind! Hey Father Xmas, Ive been a good girl - really!!


Perfect music device for a backyard barbecue. Logitech is a well respected brand.


This would be great to help my transition into the wireless world.

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