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Plug it in, start it up and make sure you’re appropriately dressed! Being not only a gamer but also a PS3 owner, you are no doubt familiar with the camera peripheral, hell even the PSP has an add on one AND if you’re a hardcore gamer you no doubt play on PC as well as a console. Logitech has always been a great pal of PC and Mac users, with their high quality, lower priced goodies, whether it is gaming gear like the G15 keyboard or after market Console/USB game controllers. In fact, there isn’t much that Logitech don’t produce and produce better than the more expensive brands. Web Cams being one of them. Understanding that techno-phobes... read full article


Logitech Cam Review

Webcams - hmm, not sure whether they are great or voyeristic! On the plus side it's great for people to communicate with friends and family in other places, reduces business trips etc. But.....the down side???? Well I guess the only downside is that you can actually see the person, rather than making them up in your head - so really, they aren't all that bad are they!


Logitech Cam Review

Great thing about this - i can see my Mum on the other side of the World whenever i want, Extremely Great thing about this - i can switch her off when i want too!!


Logitech Cam Review

I actually need a decent web cam, had no idea they are that cheap. The down side? I don't see one haha..


Logitech Cam Review

This is one of the more hideous web cams I've seen. Looks like something out of Dr Who in the 70's. I like the more subtle looking web cams, not the eyeball plucked out and put on a stand look.


Logitech Cam Review

What would be great would be if they could invent one of these that had "dom" sensors (Dirty Old Man) so that they couldn't flash images of their bits at unsuspecting innocents. Hmmm maybe I could patent that idea :-)


Logitech Cam Review

I wonder if this one is better than my pathetic built in piece of uselessness...


Logitech Cam Review

Finally I am inspired to upgrade! webcams are a part of evolution can't fight it!! No more hiding behing pictures of models or 14 year old girls(sorry perverts your game could be up!) Although there is still the hardcore bullcrap artists...once when camming a female trying to coax me into becoming naked ended up being a man with his wanger between his legs and squeezing his pecs to appear like boobies (im talking wig and makeup aswell) ended up being a guy desperate to see a girl playing with herslf, thought being a girl himself would get the goods....LOL. Anyway this pic of me is taken with the crappiest camera "I still own" so I thinking next pic gotta be even more awesome! Now that's frank


Logitech Cam Review

I'm not sold on the idea of web cams. I had a cartoon on my cube wall in the 90s with one dog at a computer saying to another, "On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog." It wouldn't be funny with a web cam. I once got The Husband a Dilbert tee with Dilbert at his pc - naked. The reason was obvious. I'd caught The Husband in this "get up" a few times at his pc. Imagine having to tidy oneself up after a hard long day at work just to talk to someone. It's not like they'd doing a wardrobe change every few minutes. Well perhaps they might be - depending on who you're communicating with! Nudge nudge wink wink. At the moment The Husband's working in Auckland. Do we web cam each other? Nope, just a cellphone call. Leave it to the imagination I say. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Plus he doesn't have to know my roots could do with a retouch does he? ;-) And I really don't need to know he's sitting there in the altogether with just his socks on. The only time I'd definitely get a web cam and insist on using it? If I was ever internet dating. Apparently everyone lies with their photos and descriptions. Why waste time on a real meeting, check them out on the web cam and screen them that way. And be vewy vewy suspicious if you only see their head in the view!


Logitech Cam Review

Webcabs are creepy to me...

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