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How many of us have ever looked at what we do and how we live life and evaluated whether we could do things a lot simpler? I was out and about in Auckland one evening when I made a decision to talk with people who I did not know and ask them - how simple did they feel their life was? I was amazed that up to 85 % of the people I spoke with disagreed that life could be simple. I had people telling me that paying bills was never simple, organising their children is not simple, having to juggle two jobs is not simple, creating balance between work and home is not simple, even doing the weekly grocery was not simple. And yes, there were plenty more reasons offered... read full article


Living life simple

Great advice - somethings living more simply is the key to happiness. Much satisfaction can be gained in my experience.


Living life simple

If you live a simple life its less stressful.


Living life simple

Don't stress the small stuff. You don't have problems unless you make them into problems.


Living life simple

Only concern yourself with the things in life you can directly influence the outcome of. Stressing over matters that are ultimately outside of your control will simply burn you out unnecessarily.


Living life simple

Great advice above. Has definitely made me re-think the way I deal with issues in my life. Life is too short to live it stressed most of the time. I will take on board the advice and see where it takes me. Hopefully to a happier, less stressful, more simple life!


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