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Wield network connections at top speed like a pro. Resembling a Star Trek Space ship, the sleekly designed, inner antennae'd E3000 is one of Linksys' top shelf Wireless/Wired routers out there, designed for professionals, gamers and home users. Touting to be one of the most user friendly 'advanced' routers currently on the market, the newly released device is a substantial upgrade to any existing home broadband setup. Featuring 4x Gig ports for wired connections (you'll need a gig network card on your PC or Mac to make full use of the speed) and an astounding 300Mbps wireless data rate over the dual band 2.4GHz or the lesser used... read full article


Linksys E3000

Aww yeah wicked, I want one!


This would be perfect for my flat! I have an Xbox 360 in my room, my flatmates all have gaming pc's, and there's a ps3 floating around somewhere. At the time being we have lan cables taped to the walls and ceilings and tunnelled through holes in doors to get a net connection to each of us! Not to mention how outdated the router is it always crashes mid game. We've talked about getting a media server going in the flat and this would make that dream a reality!! Looks damn cool to by the way..


This would be perfect for my bro hes such computer nerd!


Now this is something I wouldn't mind dusting!


As i am yet to join the 21st century as a gaming guru, This elegant but Beefy little Black/Blue box would sit neatly next to my Nintendoplaysation thingy that i am yet to win (buy) and just on top of my betamax Video recorder, which is next to my commodore 64 making a neat and tidy pile of the most Modern and ancient Plastic Boxes.


I think the one our flat uses is so antiquated its wound by key. This is state-of-the-art.


this looks wicked just what i need for some extreme gaming in the colder months


1 hell of an upgrade to my telecom DLink piece of S**t the worse ever modem in da world.


I like the dual band option. The construction of it looks sleek and solid too. Most routers these days have easy setup options I believe. It'd be of interest to me if you were to write a more techy oriented article on what to look for in a router.


Awesome would be quite an upgrade from my crappy double-upped setup of the moment, would also be good to watch a movie on my ps3 over the network without constant skips.


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