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  Give your Dad his 15 minutes of fame this Father’s Day with a limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse. To mark the special day, Scotland’s favourite whisky is swapping out its traditional label with a limited version that celebrates that all important man – ‘The Famous Dad’. The Famous Grouse is crafted from the finest malt whiskies, such as The Macallan and Highland Park and married with exceptional grain whiskies to achieve the smoothest possible taste. It is characterised by a full, golden, bright appearance and a balance of flavours, including a hint of citrus fruit. The limited edition ‘The Famous... read full article


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

I had this pair of jeans which were pretty crappy that I was going to wear to an 80's party. The idea was to cut the legs up in strips across the front to give it that 80's vibe. I asked my grandma to do it for me and left the jeans with her. I came back later to get them and the fron of them was still the same. Turning them round though, she had cut the ass cheeks out of them, turning them into some sorta gay 'cheeky pants' jeans. I threw them out when i got home and wore something else to the party...


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

Watching the 87 Rugby world cup final together. It's memorable because we won.


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

Being taught how to fly fish. Although its not a girl sport I loved it just to be with my dad and spend the weekend also I always caught a fish.


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

getting a lift into work with him every morning and sometimes not even saying more than hi. Still good though


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

Seeing old photos, old video clip and hearing my father when he played with "Ray Colubus and The Invaders".


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

It was my first day of primary school and Dad was dropping off.
Nervous yet excited, the old man gave me "the speech" that was to set the entire foundation for my years to come as a primary school youngster.

His words were:

"Boy, if its a sunny day - you walk to school. If it rains, you run!".

I'll never forget it.


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

my dad had been drinking at a party and came home real late, he was so drunk that he woke up the hole house. my Dad finally went to bed and only had his maroon undies on and suddenly there was a knock at the door and dad heard the noise of some walkie talkies.
It was the police and dad had sprinted out the back door in his undies and jumped the fence so we thought!... The police were looking around for Dad in our house and we all had no idea where he went to.Then my daughter says i saw my grandad run outside in his undies.. the poloice looked out the back but couldnt see him with their torches and asked us have you got a cat with a bunged eye we said yes he but the cat was sitting next to us not outside!anyway they decided to leave.
A few minutes later i went out the back and called out to my Dad an there he was lying flat in the grass like a star fish in his undies he gets up and says then police shine the torch right at me then looked away. i said to my dAd, they thought you were our bunged eyed cat! !!IT WAS HELARIOUS!!

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