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  Give your Dad his 15 minutes of fame this Father’s Day with a limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse. To mark the special day, Scotland’s favourite whisky is swapping out its traditional label with a limited version that celebrates that all important man – ‘The Famous Dad’. The Famous Grouse is crafted from the finest malt whiskies, such as The Macallan and Highland Park and married with exceptional grain whiskies to achieve the smoothest possible taste. It is characterised by a full, golden, bright appearance and a balance of flavours, including a hint of citrus fruit. The limited edition ‘The Famous... read full article


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

My dad and I use to hunt together, it probably started when I was about 6 and I got to go duck shooting. I didn't shot a duck be we concluded together and told Mum I had shot one. Was a great secret, I wonder if she every knew the true?


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

When I was about 10 years old I was helping my dad build a shed in our back yard. I had just been inside for lunch and my mother sent out a penut-butter and jam sandwich which I dutifully took to my dad. He told me to set it down and hold up a section of the frame while he screwed it into the base. After stabilising the wall we just put up he sat down and reached for his sandwich. He took a large bite and began chewing. Approximately 3 seconds later he let out the loudest muffled profanity I'd ever heard, spit out the food and took off running for the kitchen. As it turned out, when I'd put the sandwich down a large wasp had crawled inside for a snack only to be eaten himself and subsequently sting my fathers toungue about 3 times. My dad was over the sink sucking ice cubes for about 2 hours...good times.


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

Last summer, got a new water ski and couldn't get the feet in and decided we needed some kind of lubrication to get in. Next trip out, (there are a few of us on board including and mum) dad pulls out an almost empty tube of KY. My brother, mates, girlfriend and i all start to shit ourselves with laughter. We have never seen mum so embarrassed and dad so amused. The next trip, needles to say, a nice new bottle of dishwashing liquid was produced very quietly.


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

I live in wgtn and dads in akl, we have a yearly golf game which is pretty competitive cause we both hate loosing! I was driving the golf cart and was going just a little fast,...well more like its top speed, and lost it going down a hill and we rolled 2-3 times and i ended up cracking one of my dads ribs!!...ouch!


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

My most entertaining and memorable father/son moment was while working on Dad's boat. I was about 13 and helping my dad was something I really enjoyed. On this day he had forgotten to plug the newly nailed boat bottom. I tried to advise him that it probably wasn't a good idea to launch, but to no avail. Of course the outcome was a boat fast filling up with water! We both ended up having a laugh about it and Dad decided take my suggestions seriously from that day!


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

Well... although I'm not a 'son' as such... Can I change it to the greatest Daughter and Daddy moment? Or does this not count?

When I lost my pet bird, she flew out into the bush (our section is 1.5H). My dad spent hours and hours out there, and I saw him coming up to the house holding my bird in his hand! BEST moment EVER


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

My most memorable moment was when dad came home with a ding in his truck! Not the thing to happen and it definitely wasnt his fault! Ha HA.


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

having a session with the old man was a breakthru. good times


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

I had gone for a very long stretch with the same tooth brush, maybe a year, and anyway for some reason me and Dad were discussing it. He hadn't changed his tooth brush for ages either, he said he had been using his blue one for even more than a year. "The blue one?" I asked, "but... my ones blue, yours is the green one isn't it?". Turns out we had been using the same blue tooth brush for about a year (so that's why it was always wet when I went to use it), and the green tooth brush had been sitting there as new, unused. We had a good laugh over that one.


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

I remember being about 4 and being scared of tigers in my room at night. My old man came in and talked to the "tigers" and told them to go home. About year ago in son was upset at night - turns out there were tigers under his bed. I knew just what to say to them "tigers", thanks to my dad all them years ago.


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