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  Give your Dad his 15 minutes of fame this Father’s Day with a limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse. To mark the special day, Scotland’s favourite whisky is swapping out its traditional label with a limited version that celebrates that all important man – ‘The Famous Dad’. The Famous Grouse is crafted from the finest malt whiskies, such as The Macallan and Highland Park and married with exceptional grain whiskies to achieve the smoothest possible taste. It is characterised by a full, golden, bright appearance and a balance of flavours, including a hint of citrus fruit. The limited edition ‘The Famous... read full article


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

father-daughter moment: playing tennis pretending to be venus and serena williams, little did we know that my whole tennis club was videoing the whole thing!dad almost died of embarrassment!


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

When I was little still living in Malaysia, Dad and I used to go to this little coffee shop/ eatery in the small neighbourhood we used to live in for breakfast every morning before he takes me to kindy. I had the same thing every morning and the staff there knows us well. One day after breafast, we were walking back to the car, I started running and tripped over (only possible when you a little!!). Blood started pouring (probably just a small cut but seemed a lot when you are little) out of my knee just as quick as the tears. I wouldn't stop crying. Dad left me there briefly and I was thinking he was doing the "I will leave you here unless you stop crying trick". Couple of minutes he came back and I till this day I can still remember the smile on his face. As he came closer, I noticed that he has something in his hands. While I was still crying, he went to the near by shop and bought me a "Superman" toy!!! Then he put his arms arond me and said this to me in the sweetest voice: "Superman don't cry. Come on, let's take you to school." (Couple years ago, went back to the same place and nothing much has changed in 15 years. Still the same people working there. I ordered the same dish I use to have (only now I get an adults portion). When I took my first bite, all the wonderful memories came flooding back.....


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

Age 17. Coming home from a party with friends to find dad, who had been at one him self, passed out at the dinner table. I saw this as my golden opportunity to finally tell him that I smoked, and after not much of a response we smeared marmite on his face in hysterics ( I know what a little shit). Still with out to much of a response we began to give him shit about how he was too old and couldn't keep up with us. (Bad move!) He then replied, "I'll drink any one of you boys under the table any day of the week" So to the liquor cabinet for a bottle of scotch. As the shot started flowing One by one all three of us boys were over the balcony sick as dogs, and the old man hadn't budged. Sure enough he had to get carried to bed, but that was the last time we ever gave him shit about being old light weight.


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

Dad doesnt get much time off from work and in one of his rare moments he decided he was going to teach me how to surf off the point in Raglan. we paddled out with a whole bunch of other guys and Dad said to me in all his wisdom, Stay here ill show you how to catch a wave! so i waited and Dad went out and got onto a good wave, next thing i know hes heading straight for me, I shit myself and started paddling as hard as i could and he shit himself turned in the same direction! went straight over me with his surf board! in front of all the hard core surfers haha! Good One Dad


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

I'd have to say my most memorable father-son moment was at Lake Waikaremoana, trying to dig our campervan out of a big mud puddle in the middle of a hardcore storm, it was the first time I got to drive and a great bonding experience to boot!


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

Walking into theatre to operate with Dad as the Anaesthetist. First time we'd ever worked together.


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

I was only 6 years old. Dad had just wished me good night and was walking out the door of my room. I called out to him "dad whats a homosexual?" he stopped dead in his tracks gave a sigh as he turned around and came back to the bed and sat down. "well you know how I like your mum... well some boys like other boys", he replied. Apparently i thought for a while and replied "dad i definitely like girls" "Thats my boy" was his reply as he left the room


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

Mine would be when I was about 8 and Dad thought it would be a good idea to build a flying fox in the back yard. I still carry the scar and indent on my swede where not one but two failed trials left their mark. Took me another 10 years to believe him when he says "go on son - it'll be fine"


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

My father and I have never really had any father-son moments but I do remember one of my first times shaving and dad comes into my bathroom looking proud and says "already shaving aye" he then waits until I have the shaver against my face and slaps me on the shoulder so I slip and cut my frickin lip. Then he says "yip, your really drowing up" and walks away.


Limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse

sorry in the last line its meant to say "growing up" not "drowing up"


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