Discussing :: LG HB954WA All-in-one Home Theatre

All-in-one systems are attractive for many reasons, and their impressive feature set is definitely one of them: you get an amplifier, disc player, tuner and media player all in a single box. Just connect the power, speakers and video cable and you’re away. LG’s new all-in-one, the HB954WA, is a nice example. A 5.1 system stuffed with technology and features, it is generally a really good unit.First off, there is a Blu-ray player for the best picture quality. Then there is the iPod dock that allows full control over the contents of an iPod from the comfort of your couch. There is also a USB connector for playing music, video and pictures from any... read full article


LG HB954WA All-in-one Home Theatre

These really look stunning...


LG HB954WA All-in-one Home Theatre

What a super stylish wee system we have here - I promise to love and cherish it from this day forth, in sickness and in health. Oh what a vision of loveliness it would be in my lounge........


LG HB954WA All-in-one Home Theatre

If this product was a model it would definitely be the Elle MacPherson of theatre systems, with curves in all the right place, a stunning presence and full of substance.


LG HB954WA All-in-one Home Theatre

Good thing about this is the multiple HDMI inputs which would make it pretty painless to use for PS3 as well as dvd and music! Bit of a shame that the speakers aren't top quality though. Would look great at my place..


LG HB954WA All-in-one Home Theatre

what funky looking speakers....very very stylie, I can picture these with my run down crap in my lounge! anyway dreams are free!


LG HB954WA All-in-one Home Theatre

Yeah my cousin bought this system not long ago, he said it actually changed his life.. yeah right! I thought, how can a Home Theatre system change your life? I have never seen someone grin so confidently, "The BABES!!" they love it! I just turned it up max and busted on some sweet tunes, then out of no-where 2 European neighbors that we knew existed but never imagined any situation where they would approach my cousin, knocked on his door an were just keen to party, they got a glimpse of the system and now my cousin has 2 new girlfriends. Im definitely need a good system


LG HB954WA All-in-one Home Theatre

If this could make a sandwich and look good in a bikini it'd be man's best friend! Well to be honest it's still the closest thing I've seen! Girlfriend of the year goes to the HB954WA


LG HB954WA All-in-one Home Theatre

Wow, if I had those speakers in my living room, people might think I have a big penis.


LG HB954WA All-in-one Home Theatre

sleek & sexy just like a woman & if you push all the right buttons it performs perfectly too, just like a woman.


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