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The world’s most worn, best-loved jean – the ultimate straight leg, button-fly Levi’s® 501® jean – gets an updated look and is set for a global launch this month. Based on the original 1947 501® cut, the overall fit has also been made youthful with a slimmer and straighter cut – all achieved without losing the comfort that comes with wearing a pair of 501® jeans.  Levi’s® 501® jeans will be introduced in new vintage-inspired finishes ranging from minimally – to mid-worn and in mid to dark tones.  Also cheers to Levi's - We have two pairs of Levi’s 501’s, each in... read full article


Levi's 501 Jeans

Jumping the fence for Foo Fighters last year, barb rip down the right hand thigh - those puppies only come out for very special occasions now


Levi's 501 Jeans

Was at a party a couple years ago, blind drunk by this point, started hooking up with this chick that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere about 5 minutes before. Everyone left to go to a bar, I stayed behind and started getting a blowjob from this girl (in the lounge), about halfway through, I hear the others coming back, so i quickly pull up my jeans and go out to meet them. At this point it seems to hit me how haggard this chick is, and I quickly duck around the back of the house while the others try to get rid of her. About 20 minutes later they've got her outside and locked the door, and one of the guys comes round the back and tells me we're going to have to climb in the bathroom window to get back inside so that she doesn't see us. As i'm climbing through, I hear a long ripping sound but don't really pay much attention to it. About 8 of us are sitting in perfect silence in the lounge, and we can still hear this chick stumbling around outside. It gets to the point where we all just go to sleep. Wake up in the morning, and realise my jeans had pretty much ripped in half. From the bottom of the fly right around to the other side. Couldn't really remember what the girl from the night before looked like. I actually thought it was someone else for about a year.


Levi's 501 Jeans

I once owned a pair of dark blue Levis that were so well-loved not to say well-worn that the knees and backside started to wear out. I decided that it would be a great idea to hide the worn out patches by dyeing them black. I bought the dye, whacked it in the washing machine, threw in the jeans and voila, an hour later one pair of beautifully black Levis – almost as good as buying new pair. I was showing off about the fact that I'd managed to rejuvenate my old favourite two days later when I heard my girlfriend screamâ... The brand new cream dress she'd bought for her best friend's wedding was now a decidedly dismal shade of grey. Oooops!


Levi's 501 Jeans

Whilst in Germany on holiday I went up to Hamburg to visit a friend for the weekend. After a big night out we grabbed a kebab and jumped on the bus home for an hour long ride. Sometime during this ride I fell asleep and my unfinished kebab leaked all over my jeans. As they were my only pants for the weekend I smelt like kebab for the entire weekend.


Levi's 501 Jeans

I once was shoe sliding down a massif hill on the ice that i made using buckets of water wtting the road around 5pm. At 1am I sprinted towards ice hill and slid real well but hit a non icy bit of concrete and hucked a foward flip and landed on my ass followed by 20m but slide on new jeans..managed to wreck my new phone aswell. what a night, what a memory


Levi's 501 Jeans

My mate thought he would be classic and turn his opshop jeans, which he purchased the week before into tsubi's like our mates ones. We jumped in the bluebird, drove to a gravel road and tied the jeans to a piece of rope and cast them out back behind the car. We drove around for about half an hour trying to rip these jeans up in the right places, like tsubis, but in the end they ripped in the arse ruining them. What makes it worse is that the poor guy didn't even get a chance to twink on the tsubi symbol. He went back to the drawing board and is now sticking with trackys.


Levi's 501 Jeans

my partner while on the drinks quite often wets his and guess who ends up washing them


Levi's 501 Jeans

In my innocent young days I used to bike, skate or scooter at the local schools asphalt tennis courts. Mum had recently bought me a pair of the coolest 'Zeal' jeans which I treasured back then. My brother and his mate decided to go and take the golf clubs and some golf balls to the grounds for some chipping (and driving) practice so I thought I'd tag along. On the way back, I borrowed my brothers skateboard to attempt a steep hill slalom on the extremely bumpy tar-sealed road we have here in NZ, whereupon gaining speed, my inexperience led me to gain massive speed wobbles down the steep slope - along with an intense jittering sensation making me lose feeling in my feet like pins and needles. I narrowly missed ending up flat against the boot of a car and bailed forward down the slope.. I got up, heels of hands bleeding, and felt sore in my thigh - I looked down and there were two gaping holes over my jean pocket where I had stowed two golf balls from earlier, along with two awesome bruises.. The poor NZ-made Zeals were patched by Mum of course!


Levi's 501 Jeans

we had a flat battery. so one person has to push while the other crash starts the car. doesn't really work with holden kingswood. way to big to push alone. not a hill in sight. not even slope or slant in the road. not even anything. i pulled off my jeans, 501s of course. we tied them between bumpers and after slowly easing the car forward we realised one of two things was going to happen. either the jeans would rip or a bumper would fall off. judging by his car it was the latter. so plan B it was. i tied my jeans to the bumper of my car and eased it up behind the the one that wasn't starting. the jeans cushioned the bumpers as i pushed the broken down piece of crap that my cousin called a car and once we were at a fast enough pace I eased on the brakes letting him go forward and crash start the car. But my jeans had hooked onto his bumper and it was miles down the road before I could catch his attention to pull over so i could get my jeans back. The idiot turned his motor off! (-:


Levi's 501 Jeans

Hubby's in desparate need of a new pair. He has the well loved version that come out a few hours before he wants to wear them = can these be washed and dried before I go out tonight??!?!?! Yeah right (Tui billboard almost).

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