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No one would have been surprised to read recently of the high school tuck shop operator who threw in the towel because she couldn’t make a profit under the government’s new healthy eating regime.No surprise either to learn that a group of students fundraising for a trip to Japan cashed in on the tuck shop-free interlude to run a week-long daily sausage sizzle and baking stall. The local dairy also helped fill the gap in the market, turning a brisk trade in pies, chippies and fizzy drinks.More evidence of the law of natural consequences in action and the follies of social engineering.The ministry of health’s new food and beverage... read full article


Let Them Eat Fruit Kebabs

I couldnt agree more with your comments, we are becoming more and more of a nanny state, with the lack of personal responsibility glaringly apparent. Society as a whole is starting to trend towards blaming anything and everything other than themselves for their failings.

Man up you nancies and take some responsibility for your own decisions and actions.


Let Them Eat Fruit Kebabs

I agree too. Thanks once again for someone standing up and saying what everyone else feels. The freedom of choice is being stripped away from us as new zealanders and replaced by a government who doesn't care what we think as long as they're decisions are made law.
After receiving a letter in the post from our countrys illustrious leader. I decided to reply through the forum she had provided, and in no uncertain terms i let her know that with every choice she takes away from us, so does she take a bit of our freedom. Who wants to live in a country where freedom of choice no longer exists, a government is what we require not a dictatorship. The way our chidren are raised should be decided by us parents, not by some head of state sitting in an Ivory tower.
If we climb a hill and fall, show us how to climb the hill safely... Don't take the hill away so we may never see the view from the top...


Let Them Eat Fruit Kebabs

Flicking through the archives, good to see the National government had this one about turned eh?

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