Discussing :: "Le Tour de France" and finding a partner

I recently observed the 2010 Tour de France and made some links between the effort, mindset and skill required of a “Tour” cyclist and those who want to find a partner. Let me summarise 9 points for you to consider. FocusIn order to even get to participate in, as well as reach the end of the tour requires a lot of focus. Single-mindedly aiming for something requires a lot of effort, drive and concentration. On the tour if you don’t have focus, then those moments of inattention could lead to an accident or a competitor getting away from you. Finding a partner means being clear about what you want to achieve and taking the steps and putting the... read full article


"Le Tour de France" and finding a partner

The faster you go down that narrow mountain pass the longer the recovery will be if you crash... It got to be worth your while before you measure how much risk you take.


"Le Tour de France" and finding a partner

Great advice. Point 10: Ladies, avoid cyclists, being cooped up in that lycra all day long isn't good for "the boys"!


"Le Tour de France" and finding a partner

most the cyclist are on steriods anyway so they probably struggle to get into "top gear"


"Le Tour de France" and finding a partner

I think its just easier to go buy a bike than find a decent partner :-)

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