Discussing :: Lambics, Saisons, and Oud Bruns (Oh My)

You have to hand it to the Belgians - the imagination that they've shown in creating incredible beer is downright astounding. Trappist tripels and Abbey-Style strong ales are interesting enough - wait until you try a lambic or an oud brun. Today, we'll explore some of the styles that will no doubt push the envelope of what most consider to be beer. Good examples of these styles will rival any wine in terms of complexity and depth, and demand to be savored, contemplated, and enjoyed. This might sound like too much work to some (who no doubt cluck their tongues, stroke their beards, and scoff at the "unorthodox" flavors in these beers.) You, however,... read full article


Lambics, Saisons, and Oud Bruns (Oh My)

I went off Belgian beer for a while as it became so mainstream but this has converted me back. Looking forward to long summer days BBQ's and a few of these brews.


Lambics, Saisons, and Oud Bruns (Oh My)

Belgium beers are amongst the best in the world, including those that are widely available internationally (there are few better premium lagers, for example, than Leffe Blonde, available on tap in some outlets in NZ). However, I find lambics an acquired taste. I remember visiting a backstreet lambic brewery in Brussels and being awestruck by the brewing techniques. The taste of the final product, though, took me aback. The gueuze was very sour and dry, with the fruit versions barely more palatable. Alas, only the addition of sweeteners could make this particular brew a pleasant drink for me.


Lambics, Saisons, and Oud Bruns (Oh My)

It's good to find so many options available and until i find one i want to sick with, Ill continue to sample as many as i can...


Lambics, Saisons, and Oud Bruns (Oh My)

I prefer Belgian beers as i can not really drink anything with additives in it. Man they are soooon tasty. I really enjoy a nice Belgian beer with friends.


Lambics, Saisons, and Oud Bruns (Oh My)

I would be interested in trying some of these, especially the fruit lambics. They seem to be a quite different brew.. a dominant fruit taste in your beer? Definitely an acquired taste.


Lambics, Saisons, and Oud Bruns (Oh My)

The difference between these beers and our chemically brewed popular brands is night and day.


Lambics, Saisons, and Oud Bruns (Oh My)

The Belgians do have a nack for brewing, and i do on occasion like to get something diffrent than my usual, that Flanders Red Ale will have to go on my list of beers to try, a list i am happily working my way through.


Lambics, Saisons, and Oud Bruns (Oh My)

I liked to drink Belgian beer, well only when some one else is paying for it otherwise I'll go for the cheap one that tastes good.


Lambics, Saisons, and Oud Bruns (Oh My)

I do not discriminate against any country who makes beer as I will give any beer a go. German and Belgian beer are the best while DB draught is the worse beer, ever!


I'd forgotten all about those Lambic beers. Tried them a few times years ago at Galbraiths and have to admit came to quite like them... This story just reminded me and gave me a bit of a nostelgic flashback, thanks Frank. [Heading to Galbraiths now]


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