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Can be a fruitful habit.  It's easy to slip into doing more, more of this, more of that. I've often met founders of companies who said the best thing that happened to them was when they left the business for a week - and it was all ok.It's easy to meddle, slow things down, request approval, add new things tot the mix.  But you need to know when to stop.A mentor helps - or just testing, what happens if we stopping adding new things? Do it.  Try it. Stop doing something today. read full article


Knowing when to stop

Wish I could stop some things.


Knowing when to stop

I wonder if this guy knows anything about business...there's a big difference between taking a break, and resisting the temptation to meddle down the foodchain...it's like he's got a business phrase generator that just churns this rubbish out at the push of a button...


Knowing when to stop

The number of people I know who run around like headless chickens, but are they actually really achieving more? Being a "doer" is good, but you always need a bit of thinking time to make sure you're headed in the right direction.


Knowing when to stop

i used to be in that boat... always leaping to the next problem ... then woe struck .. i had a heart attack, slowed me down and showed me that i was missing life by never being part of it.


Knowing when to stop

Stopping I have no issues with, it's getting started that's the problem :)

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