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Need a helping hand getting up and at ‘em on those cold winter mornings? Berocca Kick, made with guarana, a fast-acting natural energiser that comes from an Amazonian berry, supports your reaction speed and accuracy helping you to feel awake, alert and ready to take on anything at a moment’s notice. . It’s also packed with Berocca’s unique combination of B vitamins and minerals that help give you a boost when you need it, and unlike some energy drinks – it’s not packed with sugar. Get Frank has two packs of Berocca Kick (a months supply) to giveaway so that you can kick your winter routine into gear. To enter,... read full article


Kick Your Winter Routine Into Gear With Berocca

This might do the trick to be a lert


Sounds good. Would this be in addition to my morning coffee, or in place of it?


Really need these :)


I really need some help getting through a busy day!


Great product, use it for 3pm pick me up at work.


Something I desperately need.


I haven't tried this, sounds good though!


Definitely need a "Kick" start to Spring!


I currently have a throat infection so these would be great to go with my lemon honey please, thank you.


This will come in handy


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