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Revolution starts with language. Once we get through this credit crisis, the revolution we will be facing is a revolution of confidence. As head counts are cut, jobs eliminated, and offices closed, we will still be faced with running the business and winning. To do this, it will be vital to recruit and inspire talent in new ways. The days of fat and surplus will disappear. Entitlement will disappear. We will move into an age of performance with inspiration, where working together will be what makes the difference, not personal gain. In this environment we must think about re-inventing. Human resource departments around the world will have to reconfigure,... read full article


Kevin Roberts:New words for a new world

Talent fits perfectly i reckon.


Kevin Roberts:New words for a new world

No more entitlement. Like it! Lean mean and hungry is good


Kevin Roberts:New words for a new world

So you are looking for good ideas Kevin- here is mine, people need to quit moaning that "they haven't got time" to do whatever is needed. There is always time, it is just a metter of being ORGANISED. If you run out of time, then just set your alarm 2 hours earlier than normal, and do the catch up in those 2 hours, whether it be work stuff, or gym exercise or housework or whatever. That is what I reckon.


Kevin Roberts:New words for a new world

no more middle management!


Kevin Roberts:New words for a new world

They could use Supporting Human Intelligence & Talent, but that means that they'd be known as the S.H.I.T. team so probably not the best idea... I kind of like the idea of Talent Department, but it does sound a bit like a backroom broadway casting room. People are the most valuable resource a business has, so why not treat them like assets? How about "People Asset Management" as a replacement for HR. I always thought that Human resources sounded a bit cold and like we were part of some giant alien ant farm.

Instead of "People Asset Management" it could be "Human Asset Management" or HAM, mmmmm ham.


Kevin Roberts:New words for a new world

I reckon you should call HR "People People" it describes what they need to be and what they do all in one :)

'People People' could become p2(squared)or taking an ICT approach - p2p or p4p (people for people) or

You could call them your 'PEEPS' People Enthusiastically Engaging People.


Kevin Roberts:New words for a new world

HR at times is focusing on keeping staff costs down - not People / Talent / Performance. I think that the companies that are focusing internally on understanding what staff "can do", not what they currently do will see them with less attrition and a more successful business i.e. recruiting/promoting internally and then look to fill the gaps externally.


Kevin Roberts:New words for a new world

Less Personnel, more personal. In this age of technology too many business get caught up in the machinery of it all. People make things happen, not machines. People bring change, people make the difference between success and failure. At the other end of the spectrum, I agree, some people are too hasty to assume entitlement. Everything needs to be earned, be it paycheck or respect. Personal Departments, even in a company of thousands one person can always make a difference.


Kevin Roberts:New words for a new world

SHARE Team. Superb Human Approachable Resource Experts.


Kevin Roberts:New words for a new world

I have worked in the people development area for seven years. And the name never means as much as the action and experience from the department or whatever you care to call it. It's always the attitude that makes the difference. Get the attitude right, thename will follow and the people will be happy and want to be the best and the best they can.

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