Discussing :: Keep Yourself Fit To Avoid Injuries

Some trainers believe in the common saying 'No pain, no gain'. Whenever you start a new fitness routine you may feel a little discomfort. At most it will last for the first few days. This pain is a natural warning sign. There?s nothing to worry about but you should pay attention to it. You can start with a good exercise routine. Don?t be excessive but you can push yourself a bit. After a few days muscles will get used to your new routine. Lactic acid, micro-tears and other physiological changes occur in the muscles and they become stronger than before. But be careful if you are experiencing back pain, neck aches, knee joint pain and other symptoms.... read full article


Keep Yourself Fit To Avoid Injuries

This is something I have been asking myself for a long time. I have been struggling to find myself a solution to staying fit. With a past atheletic streak, I need to work to maintain my fitness. This article has really been helpful.


Keep Yourself Fit To Avoid Injuries

This article is a god send for me.. Being playing football for about 25 years now but this year really started to feel it after the games. It was probably the young 25 year old running rings around our ageing team but have never really been in top shape heading into a new season. My action plan begins now which will help with summer and maybe just maybe even up on the playing field come next season..


Keep Yourself Fit To Avoid Injuries

Being a dancer, it's really hard to avoid injury. Sometimes you just have to push your body - injuries and all. Sounds horrible but it just means you have to take preventative meaures to not become injured in the first place i.e. warm ups (crucial)


Keep Yourself Fit To Avoid Injuries

I usually go into the gym and just do 20 clapping push-ups and then go straight into my chest routine. Or if I was doing back I would do chin-ups. I haven't been injured in 2 years, but my question is, am I doing damage unknowingly to my body? Cheers.


Keep Yourself Fit To Avoid Injuries

Do whatever floats your boat,as long as you enjoy the exercise and you feel that you have accomplised somthing during your workout !!Awesome ,keep going !!


Keep Yourself Fit To Avoid Injuries

I agree, warm up and exercise is essential for avoiding injuries. Biggest mistake I made this year was not warming up properly, and it is one of those terrible hindsight situations!


Keep Yourself Fit To Avoid Injuries

As one of the many who didn't warm up before playing sport or taking exercise I now know the importance of giving your muscles etc the benefits a good warm up has!! I now am careful to warm up and cool down giving my muscles the necessary stretching time. thanks for reminding the need behind warmups!


Keep Yourself Fit To Avoid Injuries

To tell the truth, this article is saying nothing that is not already well known... Warm up before performing exercise (really?!?) Don't try and be Schwarzeneggar-like before you are ready (again, really?!?) Concentrate! I don't know about you people but I wouldn't want to drop a dumbbell on my head. This article was nothing that my pet cockatoo couldn't have told me. How about the physiology of muscle gain or the repair process behind damaged tendons or how dietary supplements work? These are slightly more specialised topics that not every Joe Blow is clued up on and anybody ready this article would be more interested in I'm guessing. If you want another article like this I'll get my parrot to draft you up one tonight..


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