Discussing :: Keep the kids entertained with an Ultimate Spiderman Prize Pack

One bite from a radioactive spider changed Peter Parker’s life forever, giving him super-human powers and amazing wall-crawling ability. Wearing the mask that has made him a legend, he battles evil wherever a hero is needed as the one-and-only Spider-Man!  Super-size your super hero adventures with this incredible SPIDER-MAN prize pack! It includes everything you’ll need to open up a large-sized attack on the foes of justice everywhere. With Spiderman at your side, there’s no telling where your adventures will take you!  Ultimate Spiderman pack includes: 1 x Spiderman Mask RRP$16.991 x Spiderman Power Webs Figure RRP... read full article


OMG this is awesome!!! My wee man would LOVE this prize!!!


The kids have already divided them amongst themselves.....fingers crossed lol


I foresee heaps of fun with all the boys, including the dad, of course!


I LOVE Spidey !!


This would be great to keep the whole family entertained on a wet and miserable winters day!


yay great great great web me


Our little super hero (4yrs), is just besotted with Spiderman, and in his own words "Thpiderman can thayve everybody even old people" Now that makes me feel really safe and protected. I would love to see his little face light up with this wonderful array of Ultimate Spiderman pieces. I doubt he would need feeding for hours, that in itself would be a score!


My son would love love love this prize!!


my boy would be over the mooooon to score this x


that would be so cool for myself and my six year old to play with for his 6th birthday. He is a great spiderman fan and is having a spiderman themed party so would fit in perfectly


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