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One bite from a radioactive spider changed Peter Parker’s life forever, giving him super-human powers and amazing wall-crawling ability. Wearing the mask that has made him a legend, he battles evil wherever a hero is needed as the one-and-only Spider-Man!  Super-size your super hero adventures with this incredible SPIDER-MAN prize pack! It includes everything you’ll need to open up a large-sized attack on the foes of justice everywhere. With Spiderman at your side, there’s no telling where your adventures will take you!  Ultimate Spiderman pack includes: 1 x Spiderman Mask RRP$16.991 x Spiderman Power Webs Figure RRP... read full article


My spidey sense is tingling


My nephew is a huge Spiderman fan...He lives in australia and we are off to see him at the end of the month...It would be awesome to be able to pack this into my suitcase to give him as a suprise...He would so thrilled and so would I...


Spiderman, Spiderman, friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. Like all superheroes- will be loved by all generations.


Just checking but it doesn't state in terms and conditions I can't play with this when my kids aren't home ??? Love to win as I am a big spiderman fan which as any responsible man would do, have encouraged it on my son.


I love spiderman! not sure if this would go any further than my hands if I won it!


Looks like hours of amusement!


mean Prize


Got a birthday coming up end of the month....would be perfect timing


My son would love this! He's spidey crazy


Fantastic fun fun toys, the mask could come in handy with the durex pack, haha, play time.

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