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Johnnie Walker has created a limited edition pack to support fundraising efforts following the Christchurch Earthquakes.  From the month of November - until sold out - their new Black Label packaging will depict the famous striding man "made" out of silver ferns, it will also have information about the quake. It will be on sale at all DFS and JR Travel Stores across New Zealand International Airports - with NZ$2 from every pack going towards the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust. Johnnie Walker is hoping to raise approximately $35,000 to specifically help with the rebuild efforts.  GetFrank has two limited edition packs to giveaway. To... read full article


Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Giveaway

Mr Walker would certainly add some pleasure to the rockin and a rollin here in Christchurch


Top of the morning to you, a good bottle of Black Label up for grabs. Put me on the list.


That'll do nicely on the shelf


The new fern design is pure genius.


...both Johnnie and Jack were constant struggles with me at Uni....but then Vodka came along and all was right in the world...:-)


Yes, I have fuzzy memories of spending time with Mr. Walker in my teen years... Or maybe later, if it was illegal back then for a teen to be drinking...


beautiful packaging would be hard not to drink it all straight away partners birthday on 27th nov would be a great surprise


i think i've just found the perfect tee print..


well i would love to see "johnnie" arrive here in time for xmas!


Once you've had black, you never go back...come to my place Mr Walker and I may even share you

My last bottle of Johnnie is just about done and I will be needing more for Christmas. GetFrank, please be kind, I will say thank you, a BIG one!


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