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After 75 amazing years, it’s time to celebrate all the support Jockey briefs have offered men around the country! This month Jockey reaches this remarkable milestone and we want everyone to know how far they have come. 75 years ago when the Jockey brief was invented it revolutionised the underwear world. Prior to this men had to resort to long-johns to give them support, so you can imagine when the brief was invented, it made waves in the fashion world. Over the years the designs have changed remarkably, getting better as the years go on.  To mark the 75th anniversary Jockey has released a limited edition range reminiscent of the iconic Y-front!... read full article


Jockey Celebrates 75 Years

the best of [video]VHI0dL6IMyA[/video]


Jockey Celebrates 75 Years

What talent [video]uxwKeQZppc0[/video]


Jockey Celebrates 75 Years

Even with the language barrier, Dan Carter shows he's a genuinely nice guy in this one. [video]pCFKt_n5_XQ[/video]


Jockey Celebrates 75 Years

Dan Carter singing an original song, this has gotta be a winner! [video]3mwsAgfu2Sk[/video]


Jockey Celebrates 75 Years

Another GREAT Dan Carter tribute!! [video]uxwKeQZppc0[/video]


Jockey Celebrates 75 Years

Dan and his Dad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JD_2Y0nJALI&feature=PlayList&p=60B1FB1AC66DBF7F&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=63 [video]JD_2Y0nJALI[/video]


Jockey Celebrates 75 Years

Dan is the Man! [video]VHI0dL6IMyA[/video]


Jockey Celebrates 75 Years

Aahah and it all started with a billboard in Wellington Quite the achievement still. [video]psZH4xwPUUc[/video]


Jockey Celebrates 75 Years

yeah go dan carter [video]9bDwI-1jPSQ[/video]


Jockey Celebrates 75 Years

yeah go dan carter [video]9bDwI-1jPSQ[/video]


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