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How to make Japanese Baked salmon Ingredients: 4 Salmon fillets, 1 pound each 4 Hajikami pickled ginger shoots 3 table spoon of soy sauce 2 table spook sake or Gin 5 table spoon mirin Peel of one yuzu, grated A dash of Ajinomoto UMAMI Procedure: - Place the Salmon fillet into a casserole or in a shallow dish. - In a small bowl combine the ingredients and mix well. - Pour over the salmon slices and marinate over 3-4 hours. - Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees and the cook the marinated salmon for 10 minutes until golden brown. - Serve each fillet with a shoot of Hajikami pickled ginger.                  read full article


Japanese Baked salmon

If I've been real good (which you can imagine is not very often) my wife treats me to a boneless Salmon Steak feed mmmm. Must show her this recipe.


Sounds delicious, but where can I find these ingredients in Wellington (new to town)


Yum, yum, yum. Definitely worth trying this one.


A tasty simple meal and cannot wait to try.


A very tasty way of preparing and serving salmon, Japanese Baked Salmon... so simple, yet so heavenly tasty... Cheers!


Oh so good. but what would you put with it as side dishes?


This looks like a great way to spice up a simple meal... re Dan's comments, most supermarkets will have a small selection of these ingredients but head to an independent Asian supermarket if you have one close by, for more choice and competitive prices.


Mouth watering stuff, one of the best.


sounds incredible


This sounds amazing, now just need some Hajikami pickled ginger

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