Discussing :: Italian Ribollita (Vegetable and Bread Soup)

A hearty mix of carrots, onion, potatoes, zucchini, cannelini beans, zucchini, leeks, Swiss chard, kale, and Savoy cabbage layered with bread, this Italian-inspired soup makes the perfect winter or rainy day meal. Prep Time:      45 MinCook Time:     1 Hr 30 MinReady In:       10 Hrs 15 MinOriginal Recipe Yield 8 servings Ingredients    * 1 tablespoon olive oil    * 1 large red onion, diced    * 2 carrots, diced    * 1 stalk celery, diced    * 4 potatoes, diced    * 10 (5 inch) zucchini,... read full article


Italian Ribollita (Vegetable and Bread Soup)

With the weather being so crap lately this article made he hungry for soup!


Italian Ribollita (Vegetable and Bread Soup)

Epic vegetable soup is epic


Italian Ribollita (Vegetable and Bread Soup)

nothing beats a big bowl of hot soup with some fresh bread!just made a chicken soup lastnight, 16 hours in the slow cooker and it was amazing;


Italian Ribollita (Vegetable and Bread Soup)

I will definitely try this soup...I have been preparing and eating a lot of soup lately to try to avoid saturated fat and get more fibre into me...especially important since I need to lower my cholesterol ;) I made some delicious leek and potato soup last week using a can of low fat evaporated milk to make it creamy...which is a really good low fat tip for anyone else out there who wants to make creamy soups but without the fat of real cream ;) It works really well... Plus I have started using good old fashioned dry "soup mix" in my soups, which is basically a mix of lentils, barley and split peas...and it makes the soup really filling and full of good fibre...plus it's really cheap to buy ;)


Italian Ribollita (Vegetable and Bread Soup)

I have try this soup it is easy to cook and so yummy and my kids love it too. So great for our winter to warm our little babies Tummy ... Tonight I am going to cook this again but this time add things to it... My kids all big MEAT EATERS so I am going to put in Bacon pieces BIG CHUNKS.... This would taste LOVELY with this soup at some more yummy flavours to it... Thank u Frank All Sume Recipes on here..... Cheers Ang xx


Italian Ribollita (Vegetable and Bread Soup)

I dunno about bread in the soup?! Me thinks it will go all soggy and disgusting.


Italian Ribollita (Vegetable and Bread Soup)

Yum!! I usually shy away from soups, as they don't fill me up but this one sounds as if it would do the trick! This is a perfect healthy yet satisfying lunch or dinner.


Italian Ribollita (Vegetable and Bread Soup)

Never mind Italian-inspired, this soup sounds more Russian-inspired - pre Perestroika! I'm all for a winter warmer, but this seems a conconction best enjoyed in the shadow of the Kremlin with large beaker of neat vodka.


Italian Ribollita (Vegetable and Bread Soup)

Excellent recipe that works! What I love about soups like this is that you can vary it slightly depending on what ingredients you've got and customise it. And it's an awesome way to get your 5+ a day while knowing it's a filling meal at the same time. Choice!


Italian Ribollita (Vegetable and Bread Soup)


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