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Whisky expert and connoisseur Bart Burgers knows a thing or two about single malts. Commercially involved with whisky for over 18 years, Burgers is the owner of boutique outlet The Whisky Shop in Auckland’s Elliot Stables which stocks over 450 bottlings of whisky including New Zealand’s most expensive valued at over $10,000. Burgers shares with us his knowledge about the industry and what to look for to enjoy the perfect drink! What should you look for in a good whisky? Balance, body, great aroma, wonderful finish – the lingering flavour in your mouth, mouth feel.  A good whisky should not be offensive which means you should... read full article


Interview: Whisky Expert Bart Burgers

What a lucky bugger! Surrounded by all that nectre all day. He's right about the younger crowd getting in on the good stuff. Used to be my mates and I would drink rubbish just to get pie eyed, now we savour this liquid gold and it has turned into more of a hobby and we're all only around the 30 mark. Many years of pleasure to go ayel.

That is the best bottle I have ever seen. I hope I can sample it one day.


Interview: Whisky Expert Bart Burgers

Very right there, what's the point buying cheap alcohol to get smashed when you can pay extra and get a nice drink and really enjoy its flavor.


Interview: Whisky Expert Bart Burgers

Mmm Lagavulin...my favourite... Sounds like a good place to look for theose extra old vintages e.g. Macallan 25 was a good one from memory...


Interview: Whisky Expert Bart Burgers

I am officially thirsty (and that's a bad way to be while at work lol)


Interview: Whisky Expert Bart Burgers

Id love to go on a 1st date with that Jim Beam Distilled over there please. Well exchange many pleasantries and sit and talk for hours.


Interview: Whisky Expert Bart Burgers

Makes me want to dust of my Middleton that I bought in Dublin, Ireland - the bottles are individually numbered and my name is written proudly in the big book against the 2 I bought. Mmmmm


Interview: Whisky Expert Bart Burgers

I've been to The Whisky Shop it is a brilliant place. I could never see the point in drinking cheap booze in large amounts. I prefer to enjoy a good Jim Beam of a good Irish whiskey or good Scotch, and take my time to really enjoy the flavours. I do drink beer, but it is always good micro brewed beer, often Belgium beer. Even friends know it is pointless suggesting to me to go somewhere to drink if they do not have one of the above.


Interview: Whisky Expert Bart Burgers

I'm a woman who has recently gotten into drinking whiskey. It's true that it was considered a man's drink but I'm finding more and more that women are drinking it in bars and I applaud this! The drinking of this delicious alcohol should not be restrained by gender!


Interview: Whisky Expert Bart Burgers

There needs to be bar that has A Boston Legal night where you drink Whiskey


Interview: Whisky Expert Bart Burgers

10 year old Talisker casked between 1994 to 1996 is what u want ! I know cause I probably distlled it Look for the year of bottling inkjetted on the glass and work back

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