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Paul William Walker IV (born September 12, 1973) is an American actor. He became well known in 2001 after starring in the surprise summer hit The Fast and the Furious and has since gone on to star in its sequels 2 Fast 2 Furious and Fast & Furious. His other successful movies include Joy Ride, Running Scared, and Eight Below.Paul is purple belt in Brazilan Jiujitsu under Paragon Jiujitsu. Walker was a big car enthusiast prior to the filming of The Fast and The Furious. What did it take you to come back? I’m a fast and a furious guy, whether I want to be or not. There was a period after the first one, I came back for the second one, and then I felt... read full article


Interview: Paul Walker

trains legs really hard, me too, mmmm


Interview: Paul Walker

"Yeah, I go to the track at least once every other month. DT3, Porsche. And I have an E46 racecar BMW, BMW factory car." Lucky Bstard, which i had those toys to play with on the weekend


Interview: Paul Walker

"I hit the trunk. I'm right over the top. I didn't hit the car but my bike did and I flew clean." he was really lucky. motorcycles offer so little protection in the face of cars with careless drivers. can't wait til the new laws take effect! sorry rodney hyde.


Interview: Paul Walker

How cool he did his own stunts. Props to him!


Interview: Paul Walker

Think I'll stick to walking!!!


Interview: Paul Walker

yep... how cool would it be to have even one of those cars!


Interview: Paul Walker

Multi talented Actor, Stunt man family awesome.


Interview: Paul Walker

he is cool guy...


Interview: Paul Walker

without leathers and still has most of skin lucky


Interview: Paul Walker

crashes do happen in slow motion... weird that

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