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On January 21st, Auckland entrepreneur Jimi Hunt is taking his pink, inflatable pool float and is going to "Lilo The Waikato". The 425km journey from Taupo to Port Waikato is a bid to raise awareness for depression in NZ. Something tells me that this will be an interesting adventure… So you've got to admit lilo-ing the longest river in NZ must be something of a conversation starter. What are most people's reactions when they find out about what it is your doing? Madness. Greg Boyed, the Close Up presenter said it best; "he’s doing it not because he's mentally ill, quite the opposite, he's doing it because he's no... read full article


Interview: Jimi Hunt

I wonder what he does when he gets to places like Huka Falls? It would be worth watching him go over that in the summer time with a pink inflatable lilo!


Good Work Jimi

Many Men suffer from depression such as myself and for me its a life long affliction

The main issue in treating depression for me is cost and access to suitable counselors/professionals

Depression for me is a life long issue and its not easily solved by a couple of chats with a counselors and then alright mate! on ya bike!

To see a decent well trained effective counselor your looking at at least $90-150 per hour or as in Dr Stress's case $200 per hour

Sometimes the local DHB will fund a up to 6 sessions but after that your on your own!!

For someone with a life long affliction or needing more that 6 sessions $150 per week is pretty steep!!

Then there is the availability of male counselors myself Im not comfortable getting all deep and meaningful with a lady

All in all while I think the efforts that Jimi is doing are great to raise awareness
However we have alot of work to do on providing effective affordable treatment and management for Men so those with depression can actually live a healthy satisfactory life

Until those issues are resolved sadly our rise in male suicide or other mental health related issues will only increase


I would do this in a HEARTBEAT!!! The lilo part, not the depression part. Trying to give that a miss.


There is reference to the editor being irked by the incorrect use of 'affect/effect'.
How about one of the worst spelling crimes in here - "when they find out about what it is YOUR doing?"
"You're", now that irks the shit out of me


I just found myself correcting the spelling on a restaurant menu. ANd also telling them the chalk board out front had misspellings. I just can't help it!!


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