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After studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Owen quickly established himself as one of the most promising young actors in Britain, taking roles on stage, with the Young Vic Theatre Company, and on television, notably playing the lead in the hit crime series Chancer. He made his film debut in 1988 with the British road movie Vroom, starring alongside David Thewlis, and then worked with director Stephen Poliakoff on Close My Eyes. He played Max, a gay man who finds love in the most extreme circumstances, in the screen version of Bent and then starred in Mike Hodges international hit, Croupier.  “I had never really made anything that had an... read full article


Interview: Clive Owen

What a cool interview. I have to say though, Clive is a fantastic actor.....children of men is an amazing movie (haven't seen duplicity yet), but i hate him and will hate him as long as he is better looking than me........and that will be a very long time (just kidding clive)

Good movie ,want to own it on DVD



Interview: Clive Owen

Seems like a good movie, i would like the DVD to watch. Clive Owen was good in Children of Men, really liked that movie - to be honest, the only one i have seen of him.


Interview: Clive Owen

I first saw Clive Owen in "Children of Men" and felt that it was his character that really brought the movie to life for me. I would love to own another of his movies (which is sure to be a masterpiece!) just reading the interview about it made me excited!


Interview: Clive Owen

I enjoyed Sin City but I have found his recent movies lacking, hopefully this is a return to form.


Interview: Clive Owen

He is quite lucky to be in so many good movies. He obviously has a keen sense of what is going to be successful. I loved Children of Men because of the unbroken camera shots, which were flawless. I've seen Duplicity and liked the way that the story kept unfolding right up until the end - always a new surprise (as you'd expect duplicitous relationships to be). I think he'd also make a great James Bond!


Interview: Clive Owen

Haven't seen any of his movies. Would love the opportunity to see him in this with Julia Roberts.


Interview: Clive Owen

Cool interview, Haven't seen many others except Sin City but reckon he'll be 007 for the future!!


Interview: Clive Owen

Hmmmm, not convinced.


Interview: Clive Owen

Seems like an interesting movie to watch


Interview: Clive Owen

Haven't seen Duplicity yet but defiantly on the list of movies to catch.

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