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With the launch of Little Fockers on DVD we got a round of questions in front of funny man Ben Stiller. Who would have thought Greg Focker and his crazy family would be back for a third film, Little Fockers? Yes I know. None of us predicted back in 2000 when we made the original (Meet the Parents) we would be back for number three, but I think everyone can relate to the Fockers and we have such a great cast - Robert De Niro, Blythe Danner, Teri Polo, Owen Wilson and for the two sequels Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman. It's just one of those themes people relate to and love to see. They love watching the screws being put into Greg (laughs). In Little... read full article


Ben Stiller is such a versatile comedian. I just love watching his films and find his humour quite enjoying to watch.


Can't wait to see this movie. Love Ben Stiller's work. What a great actor, I think he will still be going strong even in 2040 when they do grandfockers!


love the Ben Stiller humour that comes through in the interview!


Haven't seen Little Fockers, but would like to. I think Ben Stiller & Robert de Niro are great actors.


I've always been a fan of Ben Stiller. My favourite film with this brilliantly funny actor in it was no doubt, Zoolander. I know many critics did not agree with this movie, but I could not stop laughing and often make references to some jokes! I've seen Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, and could not wait to see Little Fockers. However, in comparison to the first two movies, I found it to be like a cheap cracker. Slightly dry and a little cheesy. However, if you've seen the first two movies, it's worth a watch. I hear Zoolander two might be coming out. Now, I believe that will be worth seeing.


Stiller has been in some hilarious movies (as well as one or two slightly tamer ones), but he sealed his place on my favourites list with his appearance on 'Extras' with Ricky Gervais. Such a self-deprecating performance proved beyond doubt, that while he is top comedy actor, he doesn't take himself too seriously.


funny how Ben Stiller dint expect to be working with Robert De Niro, glad they did and the result is fabulous


Loved the first 2 movies. Can't wait to see this one!!!!!


I've always likened Ben Stiller to Adam Sandler, and used to get them mixed up at the beginning of their respective careers. These days, I see they couldn't be more removed from each other. Ben Stiller plays a bumbling but reliable character in all his movies, whereas Adam Sandler's characters carry quite a big ego with them. All in all, Ben Stiller always plays a better role, in my opinion. I generally have more in common with him and can appreciate his comedy style. There's Something about Mary absolutely cracked me up, and his career has blossomed since that one.


The guy never ages! And how is it he can keep a straight face? I should be the one interviewing him. I still love the scene in Meet the Fockers about nipples "i have nipples, can you milk me too". Cracks me up every time.

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