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With the launch of Little Fockers on DVD we got a round of questions in front of funny man Ben Stiller. Who would have thought Greg Focker and his crazy family would be back for a third film, Little Fockers? Yes I know. None of us predicted back in 2000 when we made the original (Meet the Parents) we would be back for number three, but I think everyone can relate to the Fockers and we have such a great cast - Robert De Niro, Blythe Danner, Teri Polo, Owen Wilson and for the two sequels Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman. It's just one of those themes people relate to and love to see. They love watching the screws being put into Greg (laughs). In Little... read full article


Interview: Ben Stiller

Brilliant cast! Absolutely loved all 3 episodes and Im even adamant that I have seen all the Ben Stiller movies. He's right up there on my top 3 list of comedians with Jack Black. Zoolander is by far my fave Ben Stiller movie followed of course by the Focker series.


I think all three movies are awesome!!!!! I'm so glad they kept all the original actors. Ben is so naturally funny and as for Robert De Niro he plays a fantastic father in law. Gotta love mr jinx :) [youtube]http://youtu.be/lkKwnFaJTAM[/youtube]


Oh man all 3 of these movies are a crack up and we love watching them. Robert De Niro plays his part very well and poor Ben Stiller lol well he plays any part well.


Love these movies they are fantastic! I am so glad that they kept all the same actors in all movies they all work off each other so well.


This movie was crackup would love to own it on dvd !


Focken Awesome movie


His Dad is also great!


I love Ben, he is such a down to earth bloke with quite possible the wickedest sense of humour of any actor i've ever seen interviewed


Aaaaah! Meet the parents, Meet the Fockers and Little Fockers have to be right up there with my favourite movies :) By reading this interview it sounds like hes a crack up person in real life too, yet soo down to earth. PLEASE MAKE A FORTH! Ben got me for a second when he said that the kids are actually 40years...had to do a bit of a google after that! What a joker. Great movies, all three of them :)


Great movies- always a blast- and an awesome cast- de Niro always seems to bring out the best in a movie and Stiller has forged a stellar career...a must watch.

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