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Having joined Doctor Who in the fifth series, Arthur became a regular character in series six and is now set to make his departure alongside onscreen wife Karen Gillan in episode 5. Here he shares his favourite moments, monsters and how you can make Karen scream! “Rather wonderful, the great thing about Doctor Who is that italways tries to better itself and that has really happened this series,”  Arthur is talking fondly about the upcoming series, “it feels like a movie!”  “What is fantastic is that the Daleks are actually scary in this episode,” continues Arthur as... read full article


Interview: Arthur Darvill

"...the Daleks are actually scary in this episode..." What are they normally: cuddly and cute? This is the problem with the commercialised Matt Smith take on the classic Doctor: everything is overhyped as 'the best', 'the greatest', 'the whateverest'...well, actually, production values and and flimsy sets aside, the original series (for me up to and including Jon Pertwee) had it together and the series was back on track with the two Doctors prior to Matt 'Fezhead' Smith who is simply just irritating and who has to keep falling back on the Daleks for story-lines - kill them off, kiss and make up...who cares but enough of the Daleks and the fez...!


Looking forward to watching the new episodes when they come on they sound awesome. Although the storylines of Doctor Who are getting a bit weak I still think the newer special effects are awesome.


this is what make the doctor who so rivetting stories retold in ways we never expect,thank you Dr for coming back into our lives


Might have to watch Dr Who this series with my hubby!


Just love doctor who so looking forward to the new series. Daleks scary... really?? oooH has to be seen


I loved Doctor Who when I was a teen and now my uni aged kids are embracing it like it's the new retro trend. Like fashion, entertainment keeps reinventing old school to be cool.


He's a great addition to the cast and I hope he has a long career in acting. It's good to have a "Doctor Who girl" who is totally unavailable but still smitten with him!

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